SSBB - Controllers

I haven’t really been keeping up with SSBB so forgive my ignorance, but what controller is everyone using to play? The Wii controls felt really awkward to me so I switched over to a GC controller, but apparently they changed shielding from analog to digital so the shield doesn’t go up until you hear the shoulder button click. I’ve heard that people are modding their controllers to make it easier to shield- is there an faq on this somewhere? And it going to be allowed at tournaments?

I’ve been thinking about picking up a Wii Classic Controller. Has anyone tried using one of these for Brawl? The shoulder buttons look like old school SNES buttons so shielding doesn’t look like it will be a problem, but I haven’t had a chance to test it out.

I use the GC controller too. I would use the Classic but the button layout is just too jarring for me.

I use the GC controller. I haven’t tried out the Classic controller, Wii remote or the Wii remote+nunchuck. I hear they lag (Wii remote/+nunchuck).

I use a gamecube controller - only things I chage are tap-jump is off, and I make throw X (or Y, I forget. its the one further up). I hate using Z on the GC pad and don’t see the point of two jump buttons on the face.

I use the Gamecube controller, mostly because I’m used to it from Melee. I never had a problem with shielding but I tend to press the triggers all the way down by force of habit.

The classic controller is also very good, but takes a bit of getting used to. The button placement is different you can customize the controls now anyway. So far I haven’t noticed any input lag when using it.

I use a GC pad, since all the Wii control devices are terrible.

I use the GC pad, and since I always pushed the L/R buttons down all the way when playing Melee, I have no problems with it so far.

using the classic as I can’t use a GC controller

Classic controller is rad, don’t be fooled. People use GC out of habit, and that’s fine. I once measured the distance between the GC’s X/Y buttons and the C stick. It was literally six miles.

Seriously, all of the control schemes are fine. Use whatever is most comfortable for you; peeps declaring GC is best are probably just so used to it.

For what its worth, I use Classic Controller, and its really comfortable. I just remap throw to the right shoulder button instead of the little nub button.

I’ve been using Wiimote+Nunchuk. Haven’t even touched my Gamecube pads. It works really well. I’ve turned on shake smash and it has managed to stay on for some reason. It works if you hold the Wiimote completely straight and shake it clearly in the direction desired. Can’t use it in the heat of fierce combat so I’ll turn it off eventually, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

What really sucks, for me at least, is that to go to tournaments I may or may not be entering Wiimotes and the like will probably be banned. So even if someone gets really good with the Wiimote (lol), the Wiimote+Nunchuk, or the Classic controller, it won’t matter because they’ll all be banned. So I’ll transition over to a Cube pad and change up the controls, but that won’t matter either because everyone will probably stuck to default controls as well, which work fine if you’ve modded your controller.

I’m in a bind no matter what.

Gota say, a friend of mine decided to take the springs out of his GC controller’s shoulder triggers, and it feels great lol. That would be my choice of the ones I’ve tried.

I use GC, but if a tournament allows it I’ll take a classic controller over anything else. The sticks are way better than the GC ones. Plus you dont have to worry about people checking your controllers for springs.

But then again in a tournament situation people claim there are desyncing issues, I havent seen this myself but this kind of problem is going to force everyone to use the stock GC controls.

hmm, I’ll have to try the classic…and put throw on the face (either x or y)

I actually did not press guard all the way down all the time (for reflecting) but I didn’t notice you needed to in brawl…maybe that’s why shit kept hitting me when I knew I blocked right in time…I thought guard actually just didn’t block some stuff this time around (in brawl)

I’m comfortable with either GC or classic but imo classic is much better since i have small hands it fits me well and it’s so easy to short hop with it.

Woah woah woah, details on this?

Shit that doesnt sound good, I have big hands =\

Classic Controller FTW

I’ve been scouring around my town seeing if I could find some used OEM Nintendo GC controllers. No dice. I have one Indigo and two Wavebirds.

Anybody ever try those eBay 3rd party GCs controllers (CLICK) that look like the regulars but aren’t labeled?

Classic Controller.
Most frequently used actions: jump and attack.
Quickest fingers: index fingers.
Only actions that may need to be paired with other actions simultaneously (or close to): jump and attack.
My thinking for optimal layout: Left Z for jump, right Z for attack, X for special, Y for shield, B for grab.
Will I suck at first: yes!
Is it worth it: I hope so.