SSBB - Controllers

classic controller should be legal no matter what

WTS OEM GC controllers

3rd party GC controllers are a pos. Go with OEM, you can still order them through Nintendo. They cap you at 5 controllers per shipment though. :shake:

I can do it classic or GC, I might learn nun-chuck just for lulz.

I’m starting to prefer classic since I play D3 most games and it’s nice to be able to easily up tilt.

I use the GC controller with shield mapped to Y so I don’t have to worry about modding triggers.


I’m using gamecube wavebirds. No wires, always awesome. I tried the Wii Remote and it wasn’t that bad really.

I wanted to get 2 more wavebirds and on ebay a new sealed one is selling for basically $100…WTF!?

Thanks for the link, man! Ordered a couple.


oh snap it’s caffeine! Do I smell a smash/tetris iron man challenge?! :nunchuck:

You didn’t think I just owned in tetris did you? Let me know if you wanna play some time.

I use the CC with a modified layout.

A - Jump
B- Attack
Y - Special
X - Grab
R/L - Shield
Right Stick - Smash

Works REALLY well for me. More comfortable than the GCC. Had to get used to X being Grab but I’m pretty good with it. I hate the Z triggers. :confused:

I use the Classic because Wiimote + Nunchuk felt awkward and I needed something that didn’t have to plug into the Wii itself. I read a lot of reviews about the Classic sucking and making your hand cramp but I’ve used it for hours and think it’s great. My girlfriend hates them though and prefers Wiimote + Nunchuk.

Not trying to hijack but have some simple questions in regards to controllers and didn’t feel like it warranted another thread. So I made my own controller configuration but when I play as the 1st player in SSE it doesn’t let me pick a name to use, it only does it for the 2nd player joining in. Also, is there a way to delete the configs without wiping everything out?

Anybody know what they’re using in the few tourneys they’ve had so far?

i use my wavebird

I have tap jump off, and I moved throw to one of the face buttons as well. I moved the shield to z. I’m using a wavebird.

I played at a firend’s house and she only had Wii Remotes X_X It’s SUPER wierd playing Brawl with those.

I guess I’m the only person using a PS2 pad. I don’t know if it is tournament legal but it works fine and feels comfortable. The button layout is the same and the c-stick is the right analog stick.

Gamecube controller madness.

This has been driving me and my friends I’ve been bumming wii time off of insane, but wired gamecube controllers seem to have an absurd time connecting correctly. And I don’t mean the DON’T MOVE THE CONTROL STICK type shit either. The oddness is as fallows:

the c-stick works outside of matches but not during them.

the main stick will work fine and out of nowhere go nuts.

unplugging the controller does not fix the problems. restarting the system sometimes makes it worse. This ha been the case on every wii I’ve played it on and alot of the controllers.

Anybody else having this problem?

I have problem with my C-stick too, I thought it was just me…

The C-Stick on one of mine doesn’t work in any direction but up. I thought it was busted, maybe not…

I’ve never had any of these problems, I guess I’m lucky.

Seriously I thought I had to buy a new one:confused:…