SSBB On Dolphin (PC) General Discussion / Multiplayer Question

Hey guys, just a basic general discussion on Brawl.

Had my chance to play it about 3-4 weeks ago for the first time ever after spending a lot of time watching movies of it on YouTube and feeling gutted about how such a fun looking game could only be played on Nintendo Wii / GC etc

Thanks to a new Emulator, you can now mount your official game copy to PC and play it through Dolphin, or via ROMS (But that is not a recommended discussion due to legal issues, of course, so please no talk of ROMS).

I was wondering do any others actually play Brawl still and, if so, do any players use Dolphin? I do know there are quite a considerable amount of Dolphin users who prefer playing their Wii etc games on PC but Brawl specifically may or may not be very ‘played’ overall.

Dolphins Multiplayer options are limited to IP Hosting so to be able to actually experience Brawl versus players is very awkward as you can’t just ‘join’ people unless you actually have their specific IP’s and it’s futile hosting games if nobody knows your IP etc, only ever had the chance to play vs CPU thanks to this as I’ve never found a resource or site containing people who actually play or host games on Dolphin, so I figured I’d ask here on SRK.

So I felt inclined to ask just how big is the remaining Brawl playerbase in general? (Yes, I know there’s a few pocket communities and some which still play tournies which is awesome, though likely only in the States, and I’m in Ireland -.-)

In addition, does anyone else here use Dolphin?

If not, I’ll be forever stuck failing against the CPU :frowning:

It’s very fun to play, even against CPU, but it’d be really nice to actually experience some games versus other people :frowning:

I can’t really help you when it comes to emulators. I don’t really know anyone that plays solely on emulators. Lots of the time emulators are used to record tourney matches after the tourney to make them look better before they are uploaded to YouTube.

I think one of the reasons people would rather play it on the Wii is so they can use a Gamecube controller, since people are used to a standard controller for smash. I’m sure there is a way you could make a Gamecube controller work with a PC, but I think it’s more of a hassle than people would deal with when they likely already have a Wii sitting around.

As far as people still playing Brawl, it may not look like it on this site but there is. I would say the best bet for you to start looking is go on It’s pretty much the central spot for smash players. There’s also another site called that is about Brawl, but I don’t find it as complete of resource when you talk about smash in general.

Also on smashboards you might actually find people around you. The site has regional zones for quite a bit of the globe, and Europe is far from dead.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll have a look at some stage. It’s not an overly serious question because I know in the back of my mind that while Dolphins Multiplayer feature is so limited, it’d be hard to get proper games even if there was a huge community playing Brawl on the Emu.

As for your comment about the controllers, however, it’s actually the opposite. The Emu comes with configurations for Pads, Wii Control/Stick AND, of course, standard PC Keyboard (Which I’m using as I don’t have a WiiMote or a Controller) so there is no limitation when it comes to the Emulator and players individual control preferences. If anything it’s more versatile because people who play on a Remote but would rather a Pad, or a Keyboard, can just configure their preferences to whatever one they want.

I play on emulator…dolphin to be exact, i play Wolf, Ike & zelda.

Maybe we could try connect sometime. All I know is that Dolphin multiplayer requires people to have their emu’s set a certain way to prevent desyncing etc etc

I’m not that great, only ever played CPU but it’d be nice to play others:


So how can we do this, im willing to give it a try…i’ve played it on an actual Wii with friends already, so i have a good deal of knowledge how to play the game. But i thought the dolphin emu couldnt have allowed people to link up & play online against each other?

Hmm there’s a page somewhere on the Dolphin forums that explains how it works - It’s based on IP sharing so one would have to host and the give the IP to the rest who want to join - Then assuming the Emu’s are set right, should work fine.

It’s been forever since I’ve been on those forums though, I’ll have to hunt down the info again.

whenever you are ready let me know

Fuck. I can’t believe I forgot about Dolphin’s online option.

Come to think of it, I think you can play GC games online too, ESPECIALLY Melee and GNT4.