SSBB - Screenies

Ah geez - I’m dying here!

These were ripped from the Neogaf forum which my brother (ChairHome) posted about in the Wii thread in GD.

Anyone else making these on their own?



Note: I did not know ChairHome was your brother.

wow those are some crazy ones :rofl:

needs moar gay and lezbo action and snake-ass

:rofl: It figures that there’s a lot of SnakexZSS.

i tryed to upload mine, but i cant even get them off my card.

try manually taking them out of the folder on the SD card go computer>Removable device.

Heh, yeah - he’s my younger brother and he’s always bringing in crazy info…because he doesn’t do anything else at work :rofl: He works in the government building I used to and he’s told me he gets bored enough at work that he has his DS/PSP there and on :lol: :tup:

There were some other funny screenies but I didn’t get to snag them…Maybe I just need to post the thread XD

i will try that

There’s a utility to get the shots from the card, they’re not in standard jpg from the get go.

From NeoGAF:

man I wanna see some more! :woot:


I didn’t realize about the Olimar one until I saw the white pikmin at his crotch.

Omg Olimar is a freak…

That Snake and Jiggly puff one is so well thought out lol.

I belive thats a kirby because Jiggly cant suck people up and steal there powers and look like them.

I didn’t make these, I just found 'em. [/bump]

:u: :rofl:
Good Stuff!

Found some more.