SSBB, Tekken5, Guilty Gear, SF3S- Beaumont, TX. 7/11/08

Fight Night II. 7/11/08

The Game Cove. 4430 Dowlen. Beaumont, Texas, 77706.

Tournaments: Street Fighter: 3rd Strike, Smash Bros. Brawl, Guilty Gear AC, Tekken 5(again).

Entry: 7$ venue + 10$ per tournament.

Registration is from 12pm-2pm. After 2, you are out of luck.

For more information call:

(409)291-6061[Tournament Manager]
(409)924-9707[Game Cove Store]

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Important!! Check op, tekken has been dropped!

Just wondering why is this event on a friday?
Is this due to venue conflicts.

no its because he has a tournament to go to on Saturday that he thinks is more important.

Wow, thats kind of lame…

lol wtf? dude im running 2 tournaments and im not forcing people to choose between them by putting them on the same day.

takitima is just mad cause i took off tekken then put it back on.

tournaments were a real joke, everything didn’t go on except for brawl i think.