SSBBrawl NorCal here

Any Super smash bros brawl player using this forum??
Post here

i play the game! that shit is bad ass! sheik is hella tight! i might wanna lean towards the pokemon trainer only because of versatility in strength, speed, and your good ol long range character bulbasaur… although metaknight is a beast!

As long as you turn items off this game is pretty good. I think sfsu has biweeklies for this.

Yea I’d like to find a place to play with some people around here, but it seems like there arent as many as there used to be (smash players in general).

Im going to be hosting a big brawl tournament soon to hopefully get the scene out here going again!

Cool, but it seem u guys live pretty far from 408 area. It makes me pretty sad unless u guys like driving.
I like playing Zelda, her play style is my kind of style to play with. Using projectile with her combos the only thing i wish is that she can transform a little quicker. I know a friend whos addicted to the game, he got me into the game, and he play Mr. Game & Watch, He good at smashing me around and juggling me in the air.

it sucks how they took off the down influence, and wave dashes! heavy ass characters like IKE, who would be great but recovery time in the air is just horrible! his counter is really reliable though! anyone play GANANDORF…let me know what you think about him! me he’s XTRA XTRA XTRA SLOW…like super slo mo! can’t jump for shit and can’t run either! this is my opinion so far im testing out every character before i make up my mind on a particular one!

yeah ganandorf gotten really slow in this game. but he is still strong as hell though. no doubt about that.

i still play as marth, shiek and captain falcon. they are still my favorite characters from maelee.

say…anyone tried to use snake? its so hard for me to use him since most of his attack hurts himself. yet, all his smash lags before it actually comes out.

i think there was a way to avoid the lag and have quick recovery! i tried out lucario…that fucker is a beast! he’s got pokes, counters, combos, rush downs and decent speed! dude plays like he’s in CVS2 or something!..LUCARIO 2 thumbs up! no more mewtwo! yay!

wsup NOR CAL SMASHERS! come down to concord and play wid us! home of THE KING!

im in the bay area 408

Gotta get some STD action goin on
smash till dawn

anyone wanna play at my house, i live in martinez, i might have something going on tonight. PM your number and i will call you.

dammit i would go to! but i gotta pack up for palm springs tomorrow! maybe next time, i’ll come down for some casuals!..POKEMON TRAINER RULES! period the end!

for sure dude! i love to come down over there! just let us know when ur next gathering is so that some of us could get some gas money together! thanks for the invite!

I could host friday, give me till thursday midnight to figure if i want to host.

nvm won’t happened

:lol: I definitely know a whole bunch of smash brawl players heck some of them it seems like their life is/based around smash. :looney:

as for characters I played almost everyone and my main two characters are Ike Tyson (the name I use b/c it’s funny to me) and Diddy kong cuz he got gats and stuff:rofl:. but Ike is definitely a beast yes he is definitely slow so when you hit you pretty much don’t miss or else. but when you do hit the reward is very sweet.

also I really :lovin: the smash brawls/supers because they look sick and they’re strong and fun to me.

Over all I’m really :lovin: this game and I just starting playing co-op last nights and it’s extremely fun.

As long as I have time and it’s not too far I’m definitely down to play new smash players.

Where are the Vallejo smashers? I’m willing to drive out as long as I get some in-house info. Keep me posted.

Melee is where it’s at, but I’ll wreck people in this too

Now if I only had a Wii

Vallejo smashers are kinda funny. There are like 3 or 4 crews there and none of them play each other. You can try and pm taunt, or D-side here on the forums, But I doubt they come on here much anymore. I’d just make a post on smashboards if I were you.

brawl is too good.