Sorry, I felt the need to post this here. Oh but enjoy


sick falcon is sick

4chan catchphrases belong in 4chan

and non-evo videos belong –> way

thats a 4chan catchphrase?

“x y is x” sure is…

That moonwalk to the knee against Luigi was too good.

Why arn’t the evo vids in the video gallery? Seems to kind of defeat the purpose of having a video gallery…

Regardless, this should be in the video gallery like Magnetro said. And by the way, good shit on that video.

Wow and to think that I was already impressed with Silent Spectre’s CF before, but that was just on a whole other level!!!

because srk celebrities get special favors for no real reason. not that i’m complaining, without a dedicated subforum for fighting game videos only the video gallery is a fucking mess anyway.

drops his gamecube controller and walks away

I just…damn that was to good :sad:

Good shit. Does Captain Falcon’s throw have any special properties? There were a few times when it looked like he was grabbing them before they recovered from hit stun.


wow, that was insane. Makes me wanna practice with falcon more :slight_smile:

nope he just doing chain throws or l-canceled aerials to throw. CF does have some of the best throws though, he can chain grab characters with both his up throw and down throw.

silent spectre is so nice with the moonwalks. I remember at one biweekly he teamed with Isai, it was crazy.

ALWAYS…gotta be someone lol

hmmm yess quite…indeed

Hahahaha i’m a SRK celebrity now? When did that happen?

The Evo vids are in FGD temporarily cuz they all took goddamn forever to make. Being shown at Evo meant we were all working against a deadline and believe me when i say that it got crazy stressful towards the end. I guess this is our little reward for all the extra work. I’m sure all the threads will be moved to the video forum sooner or later anyway.

Personally i preferred the old system of having everything in FGD because most of those threads dropped off the front page relatively quickly anyway. The only ones that stayed for over three or four days were the threads that were constantly updated with new content, and there really weren’t too many of those. Dj-B13 had one and … who else? Now the rules are different and we’ll gradually figure out a way to work within them.

Wow, good stuff. Cap’s knee is just too good it seems.

No, no one is flaming it because I’m here. Cut the crap.

As for the Evo vids, I’ll try to justify it like this; Was your shit on the big screen at Evo? Then you can have a little fun for now. I’ll talk to Wiz about the Vid Gallery, because everyone that’s complained so far is right. There’s only so much you can do with stickies when you make an area that both FGD AND GD use.

SO, this is the last freebee. Any other vid threads after this are going where they belong with infractions and anger.