SSBM EC vs. WC team tourney at EVO!

What do you guys think. That shit would be hot.

sign me up shiet.

Do you mean some kind of 5 vs 5 format?

Or are you talking about 2 vs 2 battles. Remember Melee can be played with four players.

EC vs. WC teams. 10 people representing on each side. Wow.

lets make it fun, 2 on 2. (but each top ssbm players is pair up with a top player from some other games). (so example: mattdeezie and david sirlin), (kammal and sanford kelly). …

lol hahah that would be crazy like ken teamed up with justin ahahah sure guy. but no i mean 5 on 5 format but not 5 people in actually battle it should be 1 on 1. Just like team battle in mvc2.
The EC will pick out their top players and the WC will pick out there top players.

fuck that shit, run the mvc2 ec vs wc again and lets include other regions this time.

Smash hasn’t even been accepted:confused:

any SSBM vidz?

since canada isnt exactly loaded with top-players i say u let our country join as a team.
ps. jiggabry = team canada ankor

I would have to vote against that. I think it would be great if there is a national event delicating itself to the Smash Brother. It is kinda pointless to have it at EVO.

Good idea…midwest represent!

no doubt mixup i would want that shit again. that would be mad hot. but i heard ssbm would be an official game at EVO this year and people that play it want a team tourney so i threw it out there. but for real team tourney for mvc2 is gangsta. jiggy forizzy
and if you want vids of ssbm then pm me dragon69luv

This isn’t a bad idea. More than likely Evo ssbm will be 1on1. This will appease those who wanted a full-blown team tourney at evo, which is the norm at every major smash tourney. Have a 5 vs 5 team tourney (10 players on each side) like the mvc2 east/west thing at last year’s evo. This should be in evo2k4 suggestions though.

edit: Whoa, that was quick…

That’s the IP for the Direct Connect server for the Smash Hub.You can find a lot of vids there. Some really great matchups, some are scrubs =/. You will have to filter through everything. If you want good matches download Azen vs Ken/Isai, or Ken vs Isai matches, or Dave/Wes/Rock vs Dave/Wes/Rock. They are all good matches.

I would play Smash Bros. at Evo.

Although, I really recommend if there’s a 2v2 format, that the game is played Team 1 on Player 1 and 4, team 2 on player 3 and 4 due to the game’s desicion to give higher priority to the character closest to P1. Or team 1 will always get the advtanage :frowning:

The advantage is very miniscule. Both Player 1 and player 4 would have to grab at the EXACT same time for player 1 to gain priority of player 4 no matter the character. And in the case of both players dieing at the same time it usually goes to sudden death if that were to happen. So that doesn’t usually sway the results any which way. I never heard of a tournament where the team finals came down to one player each team on the last life and then player 1 wins bc of his priority over player 2/3/4.