SSBM error need help

I didnt know where to go since the smash boards are down so this is my last hope. I just bought ssbm at fan expo and tried playing it. If i go to versus mode or face certain characters (especially ice climbers) the game will just say “An error has occurred. Turn the power OFF and check the NINTENDO GAMECUBE Instruction Booklet for further instructions.” Now I don’t have the booklet, plus I highly doubt it will give me my answer. But as I attempted to clean the disc I noticed it said made in japan. I don’t know if thats the case for every disc but I really need a solution because I can’t get final destination without doing event 11. If someone could even send me a link to a place that sells ssbm and can ship it to canada that would be great too.

Your disc probably has Scratches around the vital part of the disc. Is it scratched near the inner ring?