SSBM for Evo?

I know about 50 topics are going to be made about this, so might as well make one now.

I’d like to know the reasoning behind this.

It’s an interesting pick, I remember at 2k5 there was about a whole table dedicated for SSBM, so I know there’s a high level play for it. But lurking about on SRK I’ve never really seen a big “I want SSBM for Evo” type of topic. I’ve seen more Alpha 3 topics than SSBM.

I don’t really want other people flaming this topic up please, it’s alot to ask SRK.

p.s. Is there any big japanese names who play this game? I’d be kind of interesting to watch.

Hmmm, as a competitve SSBM player, I’ll play =D

5 dollar money matches to anyone in SSBM!

  • Mike

i like ssbm im not good at it but more power to em

holy crap yea i never though of that! is there like an amazing japanese SSBMer?

Ken Hoang is a beast. He is an American.

Captain Jack was the best the Japs had from what I remember. He could hang with America’s best.

Bomb Soldier is an excellent Japanese Smash player too.

This shit is sick I can’t wait.

There are lotsa Japanese players for Smash. Bombsoldier, Captain Jack, Masashi, Aniki, Mikael, Korius, Hoshino Kirby, Rain, S-Royal, Shu. Lots of them came to OC2, the latest tournament Ken hosted in Westminster.

The best player right now is probably PC Chris, who won the MLG championships and a nice $10,000 for it. Seems like he’s going to be hitting up the Evo tournies.

This is going to be so much fuuuuun >.<

I’m glad to finally see smash embraced by EVO. It’s a flourishing community with a ton of potential, and taking part in EVO is another step in its maturation.

Also, there are a large number of Japanese players, and there have been a (relatively small) number of times when both American and Japanese bests have competed in a tournament setting, so you can say that there is a bit of a rivalry. Although the communities are quite a bit different in the style of tournaments, they all share the same love of the game and treasure the enjoyment they get from playing it, not just the prizes and/or glory won from tournaments.

Where is the official word on this? Or is it just being considered?

Yeah man, SSBM is going to rock Evolution with all these players coming in.

Its a money grab and its bullshit, just my opinion.

It’s a given that this game is going to have a HUGE draw. Shit, I might even join in on this. Time to bust out the GC and level up my Ness.

Now that EVO has opened the door for Smash, there will be a big draw. Guarenteed.

Smash is a hell of a lot of fun to play. I’ve personally never thought that Smash is a game that was intended to be taken with a high degree of seriousness. Whether it can be taken seriously is another issue all together. While I still don’t believe that it is not as technical as our stand-bys and favourites, I just watched a few match videos from Japanese pros and they look really fuckin’ cool. It’s an exciting game to watch!

I definitely agree that this will likely bring in a bigger crowd, and potentially a very fun one, but possibly righteously ignorant fanboys (which would be stupid and annoying) and people who have no interest in any of the other games that form the core of Evo (which would be dissappointing and sad). I would hate to have this happen.

Still, I’m quite optimistic that anyone who plans a trip specifically to go play a cartoonish party game with strangers will not be coming all the way to Vegas just to act like a douche. I understand ST being a difficult for the average person in this day and age to embrace at a glance, but I’m honestly confident that even those who at first do not understand will become quickly enamoured and bedazzled with our favourite fighting games and the deep, rich, and unique culture we’ve formed around them. I know next to nothing about the hardcore Smash community but I hear they’re good people.

I wouldn’t want Smash there at the expense of diluting or ruining Evo, but I think it’s really awesome of Evo to take a chance and bring Smash in. The fighting game genre is relatively unchanging and I like it that way, but there is no denying that Smash is a fresh take on something we all love, and everyone who has ever touched a four-player match has to admit it’s a frickin’ blast.

I propose a toast… to potential.

How is it a money grab?

And how is the game that’s going to have the biggest draw bullshit?

Reasoning?: Guaranteed large turn-out, unlike the risky DOA4 for last year. (I don’t care how awesome anyone thinks DOA is, there’s only like, 20 people who play it)

No topics about it?: SSBM doesn’t need EVO representation. So no one asks. An additional one is always nice though

As to why there wasn’t a lot of Smash hype on SRK before:

  1. The Smash scene has remained separate from other fighters for the most part. I suspect at least some of this is because of people who only own a Gamecube - a few smashers crossed over into Naruto GNT4, as that is also a GC title. As such, if more fighting-game publishers embrace the Wii like SNK already has, we’ll likely be seeing more smashers trying other games.

  2. Because the Smash people actually go out there and organize tournaments and travel for their game. The Alpha 3 “scene”, on the other hand, is almost entirely forum bitching.

People have a hard time believing this, since it hasn’t been a part of SRK before, but Smash has the largest US tournament scene of any fighter. I initially thought Evo was insane for not including it in the past, but realized that the MLG schedule pretty much made it impossible. With that no longer an issue, I fully expect Smash to become just as much of an Evo staple as 3s or Marvel.

Old-schoolers bitched when the Cannons decided to add 3D games to Evo, and they bitched again when they went to 100% console…but can you honestly say that Evo would have survived without those moves? The Smash “debate” will similarly fade into irrelevance by next year, I think.


This man speaks the truth. The question is…will it be Brawl next year?

If Nintendo doesn’t delay it, absolutely! It’s going to be downright enormous, especially with the crossovers (Snake, possibly Sonic & others?). Soul Calibur 2 sold extremely well with a similar tactic, and that’s not as much of a big-name franchise as Smash.