SSBM is still missing from evo website


The new fancy SRK main page image shows all the games of evo except SSBM.

The evo website main page shows the images of all the games of evo except SSBM.

The “About the Tournament” section of the evo website doesn’t have SSBM listed as selected for the 2004 tournament.

The list of who has signed up for which games doesn’t have SSBM on it.

Did I miss something?


you mean besides the fact that SSBM is not gonna be there, along with DOA3 and MKA:confused: as muh as we would all love 2 pikachu zap the crap outta mario and Link cutting off Samus’s head at evo it’s just not gonna happen


It doesn’t matter to me whether or not SSBM is gonna be at evo, but I’d like to know for sure whether it is or not.

“Adding SSBM will further improve the quality of the event, which is a win for all games, including SF.”

about 2/3 down the page



usea on SWF says this:
“smash is confirmed for evo. especially now than evo is all-console. I’ve talked to MrWizard about it.”

and this
"again, as I’ve said before, and on the dc hub to anybody who asked, smash is 100% at evo, they are just waiting on legal info before confirming it. they’re not deciding if they want it or not, they do want it. they just want to make sure they won’t get sued for displaying the game publically (nintendo says you can’t, but if you’re not making money on it they probably won’t care. same deal as with mlgpro etc)"

Show me where someone says “SSBM isn’t at evo” and I might believe you.


seriously though, inkblot, ya gotta make that update real soon, or else people aren’t gonna buy plane tickets. They’ll cost too much. The longer you wait to update that site, the less smashers will end up showing.


Nice avatar.

There are some issues that we need to work through before we can commit to adding SSBM. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we have more information.


I understand the issues at hand, but I also know the commitment level of the smashers right now. Evo’s falling in between two other really HUGE tourneys, and quite a few are debating on which of the three they’re going to. Most of Cali will show to Evo, no doubt, but plane tickets are expensive the closer the date gets, not a lot of EC/MW people can go to all 3, and may pick Evo to drop first if nothing’s concrete. If you’re wanting a nice complete representation of smashers at Evo, they’re gonna need concrete information regarding its existence at a tourney.


So, it IS confirmed, they’re just getting around some legal issues?


No, it is not confirmed.


No more?

So by now I’m guessing that it’s not going to happen?

Aside from legal reasons, are there any other things holding back Smash’s appearance at Evo?


Wasnt this an april fools joke?


Is there really hope that Evo isn’t going stupid? lol

Just teasing.

Yall should have Smash if only to spite me:) That would show me! Screw legalities. Hold the tourney just because I think it’s a bad idea!

Again, all sfs + Smash=cool. Some sfs+smash=f*ck no!



From what i’ve heard about nintendo, i’m not surprised it would take the cannons this long. Nintendo HQ is apparently full of fuckin Jews when it comes to anything that touches legal issues with a 50 foot pole.


I side with Nintendo. Nintendo quality standards is something you can’t even comprehend, mental midget.


^your mom’s quality standards last night were something you can’t even comprehend, genital midget.






Is Nintendo really giving you guys crap? There’ve been many tournaments for Smash and I’ve never heard of Nintendo making an issue of it. Heck, when I called them about supporting my tournaments they where all to happy to send me some Gameboy’s to use as prizes.


Rumor has it Nintendo wanted some serious money, so Melee ain’t gonna be at Evo after all. Care verify/deny that? Preferably soon. Many a people are still waiting to buy plane tickets.


SSBM is not going to happen this year. Nintendo of America has been lagging for 8 weeks now and they have not given us a response.


GO NINTENDO! with that being said, close thread :cool: