SSBM money matches

Since it is apparently not happening ‘officialy’, does anyone wanna get down on some $$ matches?

Holy Sh*T W3s!!!

I wanna be on Team Apoc:(

Are you Pestilence, War, Death or Famine?


i’ll play you for money, i’d say 5-10 depending on how much i got

if i go, im down to play for cash, but i only play with no items.

I’m down.

Yeah no items of course.

hey W3s i was wondering if your name is Danny or if you know him well about the smash im in

but if you live in vegas we could have some practice matches before EVO

Items, no items, it doesn’t make any difference to me.

Let’s play on Final Destination, or any stage similar to it like Dreamland 64 or Pokemon Stadium.

You wanna arrange matches beforehand, or just set them up at Evo?

somebody post this on smashboards and see if we can get more smashers to come

Final Destination, no Items, 3 or 4 stock, i challenge anyone to money matches. hope to see you at evo and work something out.

Oh yeah, I know Danny, but my name is Wes hence ‘W3s’. Where do you live in Vegas? Maybe we can set some stuff up…

Final Destination is cool, Links Temple is cool, Fox’s big ass Ship level is cool, any big level is cool. I usually play stock 5 though…I feel 5 is the best amount of lives.

W3s i live on bonanza and eastern in las vegas right next to Dannys house near there at least yeah so how can we set this thing up let me know my aim screen name is cloudsquallvll

and the vll part is vII just incase u were confused bout it

yeah send me an IM or something

Heres the link.

anyone who wants to show up, it’ll probably be best if we meet up on Thursday or Friday because So Cal’s elite 5 bi weekly is on that saturday. Sunday might work out as well

Final Destination/Hyrule Temple.
4-5 stock.
No time and No items

Whos willing to throw down some cash and play against Dios <-X->? let me know and we will set something up, ill have the system games and shit in my hotel room so let me know aight.

Oh yeah, I will be there on Friday. If you want to look for me, I am 6 foot 9, so I will probably be easy to spot out.

Dios I’ll play you, Kai as well.

Isnt there a BYOC section with TVs? I was thinking I could bring my GC + game + controller(s) and we could throw down on the TVs there, if there are any.

Squall, man I just got my work schedule and Im busy until the days I asked off which are evo. So I prolly wont be able to meet up with you.

W3s im going to evo too so how will i be able to play u both you and dios. i never been to evo before , so how do we meet up

i’m down, no stupid stages though please… i.e. fourside, hyrule temple… theres more but i’m lazy to name right now

count me in! I’ve been looking for some SSB:M competiton!
IMO though the SSB:M format has to be this:

stock 3-5
no time limit
no items

Playable stages:
Final destination
Kirby 64
Fountain of Dreams

Possible Playable Stages (due to the fact that there are area hazards):
Mushroom Kingdom (Peach’s Castle)
Mute City
Jungle japes

Hyrule temple should be banned but hey that’s just me.

probably Final Destination / Hyrule Temple / And Battlefield are the stages i would play on for real, mainly becuase on those stages, you got good amount of room to fight, with NO distractions, unlike cap.falcons stage, rainbow ride, ect. these things can alter the fight, on those 3 stages, nothing will bother you.

and yes, 3 to 5 stock sounds about right.