SSF 4 AE help plz "Spoiler alert, lots of whining"

I really could use some help cause i really, really suck at this game. Ive had the game sins it launched and ive played it like 2-3 hours per day. online and offline, yet i suck. I have asked for help & tips, ive read the forums, ive looked @ guides & tutorials, but i still keep on sucking & sucking hard i am. So please, please for the love of god, somebody help me out here. I know i have to practice and all & i swear to god i have practiced, till my fingers are numb & then some more, but yet i keep getting my ass beat once i show up online. I know that ur gona say “practice is all there is” No i really cant belive that, there has to be more, for the love of god ive been training for months now & im still as a bad players as i started out as.

PS : I use the Pc version of the game.

practice is all there is. sorry.

ps: you can’t expect to be winning after a few months when most people who are good have been playing for YEARS - if 2 years from now you are still losing every match, then maybe it would be a sign you were not meant to play fighting games.

edit 2: this would be like if you wanted to learn guitar, and you bought one, and three months later were complaining that most guitar players were still better than you.

Practice is the main thing, but going back and analysing what you did right (it’s important to feel like you’re doing good things),and what mistakes you’ve made. No point in blindly making the same mistakes in every match.

It’s not easy taking a cold, hard look at yourself (hence the need to take positives too) - but it does make a big difference.

Next, find someone to play with - having someone you can trust to tell you what alternatives you had, or to bounce ideas off is a big boon.
Finally - don’t worry about losing online. I have always learnt more from f-ing up and losing than I have from getting an AAA result.

Edit: I should point out that I’m still learning fighting games, but all of this applied to Magic, a game I used to be pretty good at.

This are really solid suggsestions, thank you, i will check them out. And just fyi, its not about the AAA result its about loseing 9 matches in a row then barley beat 1 match & thus the circle of rage & smashing the keyboard continiues…


Happens to me all the time. Just a result of people playing 24/7 grinding it out for the past 2 years.

Just gotta take the losses and try to learn from them. Easier said than done imo.

Wait, are you playing with a keyboard? I mean I’ve heard some do…but it can’t be ideal, right?

Yes, i am playng with a keyboard. The only problem with a keyboard is that you cant really play the 360 characters, like zangief and hakan sins its extreamly hard to pull out their moves, not impossible tho, just harder then usual. But ive never played with a joystick or a controller, so i cant complain and compare, its just a tool wich is getting the job done.

that might be the reason why…

i mean there is the HitBox… but even then the idea is iffy when i think about it.

I dont understand, can you explain a little better please?

Im a arcade stick guy. So the idea of playing on the keyboard is so… out of this world to me.

I’m not sure it is, considering this is your post about how you suck and just can’t get better.

Eben give the best advice, learn to practice smarter; it’s not so much that ‘practice is all there is,’ it’s more about analyzing the way to play to improve yourself, and not just running your head into the same wall over and over again.

My keyboard keys are setup just like that. I use " W A S D " those are movements " F G H J" from left to right low->3 punches " V B N M " from left to right goe low->3kicks. " T " Focus attack " Y " throw and “1” taunt. As you can see my key setup is not that much diffrent for ur stick. :slight_smile:

Point taken, i chose my words poorly, sry.

Learn the range and uses of you normals and the match-ups that give you a headache.

You should be aware that some keyboards don’t allow three or more simultaneos key presses, unless it’s certain keys. If you’ve ever experienced issues with inputs not coming out, that could be a reason.

It really is all about practice and the time you put in. I spent a stupid amount of time in training getting used to different situations when I first started out … before even going online. That being said, it also might not be your kind of game to easily grasp onto as well. I feel good about my play in AE as a beginner but in MvC3, I literally have hundreds of losses and 1 win. I know it can be discouraging, but sometimes you need to wait for something to “click”. Keep practicing and analyzing what’s making you lose and eventually you’ll correct enough mistakes to start winning. Rinse and repeat until you get as good as you’d like to be.

Like others have said, think of this more like a discipline if you want to get good. Set aside training time, practice match time, and fun time. Make sure you always set clear cut goals before you play - whether it be to repeat X situation Y times, not leave the ground the entire match, just use normals, or to just let loose and have a good time - the list goes on. Once you have a solid feel for the basics (things that can be applied to all characters), visit your character sub-forum to get a good idea of the stuff you should be practicing.

I dont have that problem, all the moves i do usually come out with no problem, and the 3punch button & 3 kick button is a sepret button on the keyboard. When i press "J"i get 3 punches high med & low, same with kicks by using “M”. When my inputs are not coming out its not cause of my keyboard its cause i fuck up.

Thanks for the advice, im actually downloading a recorder tool right now to upload videos & ask ppl to tell me what i do wrong.

If you can’t do all your combos consistently then you already know what you need to work on and any other posts on here are procrastinating.

It has nothing to do with keyboard, I constantly play on GGPO with Keyboard and play SSF4AE on stick, and I can say i’m more comfortable on keyboard than stick. (Though only because I’ve played with keyboard for years more than stick)

Honestly, if you had a local arcade scene, or if you just practice online with people better than you who can walk you through the steps, you’d grow in skill enormously. Not juts practice as in "keep fighting endless"
Practice as in: Get an online friend, a headset, and practice different tactics/strategies/fundamentals and learn how other players with certain characters should think/react to certain situations. You’d be surprised at the result.