SSF 4: How to cancel into Supers, Costumes and doing the 720 Motion


So I figured out that in SSF 4 that if you wanna cancel a Special into a super its not that hard, like for Ryu you can simply do Dragon Punch then do the motion for fireball right afterwards and the game will register the Super combo. Then its the same way for charging characters, like for Dee Jay you just do Back Forward Kick, then do it again for the super. But I dont understand how to do this for characters like Guile, whose Super requires you to go UF. I’ve seen people do the regular Flash kick into the Double Flash, and I even remember seeing someone dash focus cancel forward and do the Sonic Hurricane afterwards. Just how do you pull that off? I came across the Guile Challenge where you have to go from regular flash kick into the double flash and I was just stuck.

Im confused about how the costumes for SSF 4… Just how many total alternate costumes will there be for one character? I saw something about how all 35 costumes will be available in April of this year. But I’ve seen alot of costumes for one person, like for Ryu he had the shirtless look and now he has this
Can somebody please just clear things up for me? Thanx

And now I just need to know how to do the 720 motion, mainly for people like Gief, Hakan and Tony Hawk. I know that the input is lenient, so for 360 all I do is HCB and then press Up. I can do that easily now, but I just dont get the 720. Can you do it without jumping?


i think theres four total costumes(including the og) for each character, plus the color variations, could be wrong though. dont see why it matters

tony hawk is so cheap in this game, he does that stupid ollie on your face thing every time for like 600 damage.

in all seriousness, you need to buffer the 720 motion.


Yes you can do standing 720s, through partitioning it with a normal.

Also, I didn’t know Tony Hawk was a selectable character

  • To answer your first question is quite an explaination. One that I’m not really versed in, but as you already know, the game has shortcut inputs or leniency. Doing things like Focus Attack into Sonic Hurrican is simply a matter of know the short cut. Example, Sonic Hurrican is B,F,B,F Px3. Since the game is lenient you can just add the extra Forward (i.e. B, F, F, B, F Px3) after the foucs and it dashes then the ultra comes out. You really just need to level up your execution.

  • The costumes are I think… four per character. The all 35 costumes thing is for all characters. When the costumes were released they did them in packs for certain characters and not all at once. So once they finish releasing the packs they then release them all for one whole price.

  • Without all the mumo jumbo of explaining. You need to buffer it with a move. Example, hit jab then during the jab animation do the 720. A lot of people dash forward then go to 720. It’s just a matter of doing something that forces you to stay on the ground so he doesnt jump. A TRUE standing 720 is possible. Back when I used to play 3rd Strike there was a Japanese Hugo player that could do it. I guess he just had hands like The Flash.


FK into DF

charge :db: :uf: :k: then immediately :db: :uf: :k:

The game remembers your charge. There is no reason to try to do charge:d::u::k:XX charge:db::d::df::d::db::uf::k:.

For FAD ultra 2, you just charge :db: while hitting focus then tap :f::f: for your dash. It will remember your back charge. Then input :b::f::3p: as you finish dashing, and for U1 go :db: :f::f::db::uf::3k:.

For flash kick fadc ultra, this is a concept that is a little harder to explain. Basically put, you have to flash kick and dash while keeping a back charge (unless if you are dashing forward. It is a bit easier to dash forward, but it will miss in corners.

This is tough to execute, especially online.

for the first part, you do a flash kick while holding a back charge so: :db::b::ub::k: depending if you want to dash forward or back this next part changes. As soon as the flash kick connects, hit your focus button. You should still be holding :b: for a backdash, slightly pause, then hit :b: again, then input :b::f::3p:. If you want the forward dash, after you hit your focus cancel dash forward then input :b::f::3p:. Do notice that there isn’t a pause in the forward dash.