SSF II Turbo Highlight reel


There a second one in working atm. Mainly features the Jap scene.


Wth?! Fei has an air throw… I use Fei regularly and just found this out.


That was great.


@LiangHuBBB which ones are good sources for japanese videos besides the youtube channel that posts the gamespot versus every week?


Depends on what kind of SF game you prefer watching. Theshend for 3rd strike, vegascup & Alivein85 for Alpha, Gameacho & zero3japan for everything such as CvS2 SFEX etc, Goldenrody for Guilty Gear Xrd
and for SF2ST Jap gameplay vids are the channels I watch.


Looks great so far. 4:43 at least I’m not the only idiot who didn’t know about that (until recently…)


What @ 4:43? Gief SPD wiffing right next to Ryu?


Yeah… you can’t throw someone during dizzy if they were dizzied by a throw


Ahh, yeah I run into that with Honda a lot because his ochio throw command grab has a lot of stun capability.


Thanks for showing ST some love LiangHuBBB! Always love the work you put out.