SSF2: New Legacy release (rom hack)

SSF2T: New Legacy v0.1 (BETA)

select_screen vs_screen

I worked on this for roughly 5 years, on and off.
This romhack is a compilation of the rebalance ideas i had over the years. They’re mainly either my own or from good players (non-japanese) I talked with. Some of the best HDR changes are included too, although it’s only a few.
The last month i worked extremelly hard on it, i did the stage select, the akuma select and the random select as well as all the interface changes in this small period of time.
I’m exahusted. So I ask for everyone to play it a little bit before spamming my inbox with suggestions. Unless something is clearly and totally broken, let a month pass atleast.

Also, this is still in BETA, meaning it’s not finished, so if I made some balance mistakes here and there don’t freak out. I know a lot about this game but i don’t know everything. So it’s actually expected that some stuff needs more adjustments.
I already knew i would need community feedback to really nail this down. If you care about it, discuss it among yourselves, THEN come talk to me.

BTW, replacing ST with this romhack was never the goal. I think that will never happen, not even CAPCOM can do it, let alone someone else. See this as a tribute to ST, not a replacement.
If people see this as a valid “side” game, like some people sometimes play HF or HSF2 or even other fgs, that would be excellent for me already! But if that ends up not happening thats OK too, i did this for myself primarily. This was a hobby to me, it was extremelly fun to tweak the game. I learned some interesting stuff by doing that. It certainly made me understand the game better. That is enough to me. I’m sharing it with everyone simply because in my opinion the results are amazing, and i don’t mean to be arrogant with that. It would be a crime to keep this for myself.

Also, in the future i plan to give each character additional colors. Not by replacing the existing ones, ill keep them. So for the ones that have talent for this kind of thing, your colors can be part of my hack. If you’re interest, get the pal mod program.
I’ll choose the best colors (the ones I like the most) to put in the hack.

Anyway, heres the download link: (EDIT: updated with the latest version)

The first thing everyone should do is READ THE “READ THIS.txt” file that is inside that file.
I’ll not answer questions about how to make the hack work, all you need to know is in that file. Only ask me that kind of stuff if you dont find the info there.
If you’re computer iliterate, get help with someone else.
That file explains how to play single player and online (Fightcade only for now, but i will update it soon on how to play on RedGGPO and 30th(PC)).
There are instructions on how to set it for a darksoft, too.

There’s a changelog included. It will be a long and tedious read, though. I’m a perfectionist, i’m sure you’ll notice it while you’re reading.
I definitelly didnt took the “change as little as possible” approach. But i did tried to keep the playstyle of all characters without many changes (unlike what was done for Fei in HDR, for example).
A exception to that are part of the old characters, since they’re HF inspired now. You may argue N.Cammy changed considerably too.
On the future i’ll make a PDF for that changelog, i know it can be a little hard on the eyes to read it like that. This will be addresses in the future.

I want to thank some people.

MountainmanJed/Jedpossum, he really gave me some valuable romhacking insights. I wont say that i wouldnt have “finished” the romhack it if it wasnt for him, but it would took me a way longer.

Tyrone Duke, if it wanst for him the VS screen would still have some shitty green background, with an even worse title screen. He also made the trailer for me. He was like my “art department” haha.

Some players over the GMC discord that gave me some valuable feedback.

Finally, I want to dedicate this release to my father that unfortunatelly died too soon.


why is the minimum value for inputs at 6f, instead of in the middle, like 9 or 10f?

Link seems to be dead. Any chance you can re-upload it somewhere?

oops, forgot to update the links here. You can download it now.

Awesome, thanks!

Do you plan to add Evil Ryu and Violent Ken in the future?


So here’s v0.2 (still BETA!) of New Legacy:


V0.3 will take way longer to come out, i’m just releasing this so soon because some broken stuff had to be fixed. I will now wait for more feedback to make decisions for v0.3.
Inside the changelog file theres a new section listing what changed from v0.1 to v0.2, so if you already gave the changelog a read before, you won’t have to re-read everything.

Here are the main things that changed:

I noticed that both Hooligan and Chicken Wing had a bug in it’s input routine that made it harder to do, but it didn’t affected the LK/LP versions. The MP/MK and HP/HK versions of these moves couldn’t be performed if the P/K button press was on the same frame as up-forward. Since these characters had a 2f prejump animation, that means you had a 1f window to do it, which is crazy if you ask me. I guess it wasn’t so bad for Cammy since she always could kara cancel a normal, but Fei couldnt (i mean on HK, but thats the version used the most so that was a big problem). I fixed that yesterday.
Another thing related to the HK Chicken Wing (and this is what i mentioned on my previous post here) is that the command normal with ->+HK puts Fei on the air almost immediatelly, so you couldnt kara cancel that move into a Chicken Wing. I tweaked that command normal move so now Fei stays 4f in a grounded state, allowing him to use its cancel window to its limits when kara canceling.
So, now with both these changes, a MK/HK CW should be “as hard” as a LK CW. HP/MP Hooligans are also “as hard” as LP Hooligans too. I am happier with this solution than to make these moves a HCF. I know some people still preffer the easy inputs, but i have to listen mainly for Fei/Cammy players regarding this.

Some other important things are being changed too: the input bug i introduced in v0.1 on Gief’s 720 input is fixed, O.Boxer is now nerfed and is much more closer to how he was in HF. There are also other minor balance changes too, you can take a look at the changelog for that.

If you plan to play it on fightcade, i have to tell a few things:

make sure both you and the opponent updated the rom AND the savestate;
i found a workaround for the CRC warning window. Now fightcade will nto complain about it anymore (Thanks Julien Beasley )

cool unofficial patch! will play it for sure with my friends, the new select screen with Akuma and Random is awesome!

my suggestion would be, once the gameplay stabilizes, you should do a series of short videos for presenting some of the key changes for each character (buffed normals, new combos, new punishes). should help with promotion and the learning process for people new to this mod…

nice idea

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I’m surprise it is getting a positive reception. Usually the people aren’t welcome on the changes or to rebalance the characters

Born2SPD has made it pretty clear what his intentions are with this. Considering I was an early detractor, I’m intrigued by it. It won’t replace ST but doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Here’s v0.3 of New Legacy:

The main changes are:
Chicken Wing/Hooligan inputs changed again. I think this is my last take on it, because this time i nailed it. Should be at the same level of dificulty of a Tiger Knee now, so not too easy nor too hard.
Ochio bounce is back! But in exchange i removed the double dizzy it had. Now it do the same dizzy as other grabs.
O.Gief 3K lariat now has a fast animation like in HF, that should be enough to be able to distinguish between Lariat versiosn better. Sorry! Online this move was too good indeed. If you still have no idea how to deal with that move, read O.Gief 3K description on the changelog (line 4175), there i explain how do you deal with the move.
Boxer super dont have the “random pause” anymore, i fixed it. I think this is fair now that i made it be unsafe on block.
O.Dictator should be a little more viable now (read the changelog!)
N.Hawk new bounce on Condor Dive should be easily punishable by Dhalsim like in ST. That change was meant to help only vs Guile and Sagat, it helping vs Sim was an unintended consequence. But i managed tofix it now without making it any less worse on the Guile/Sagat mathcups.
Akuma juggles do less dizzy now.

Might sound dumb but how do you change the settings cuz when I go to configure inputs, I have no idea which button is which for the certain imputs.

I like this. looking forward to future updates.

Excellent romhack

the HD Remix Killer finally came to life

I know this is a competitive hackrom but remember to nerf the cpu AI to SSF2X,or the romhack had the japanese version as base?

Do you have a discord dedicated to this hack?


Question considering HSF2 gives more resources to play around with why did you choose the old ST rom ?

i dont need anything from HSF2