Ssf2+ (snes Ssf2)

Yesterday, SSF2 was released for Wii’s Virtual console. Many people rejoiced and others cried of theft from their wallets. “Another SF revision. And it isn’t ST. When will capcom announce their release of SFHD for Wii as well?” were the complaints of many SF fans and casual players. While valid, many have either forgotten or neglected the great changes the SNES version of SSF2 made to its arcade brethren, mainly the much applauded speed increase and zangief glitch fix, which warrants this game’s name to be changed to Super Street Fighter 2 Plus. While I have not had the privilege of playing a widespread gamerbase in SSF2+, I feel this game is a much more polished game than HF due to the small tweaks and enhancements the original characters have while inputting 4 others. This game is no ST and it will never have the fanbase it’s son has, but it is a fun game that may bring a new pack of followers now that it has been released for a whopping 8 bucks on the VC.

If you have anything you want to discuss gameplay wise, post here. If you are gonna post just to say this game sucks and we should all just play ST, I have an idea for you. Write out a petition to Capcom and demand SFHD to come to Wii. I’ll sign it. But in the mean time, I am gonna spend my time playing, not waiting. I think SSF2+ is a great game and I think it is the next best thing us Wiiers have until SFHD comes to the Nintendo flagship, so let’s enjoy what we got.

Now that is out of the way…

I have found some weird dizzy issues with this game, especially pertaining to Versus and Arcade mode. My memory may be foggy, but I think only p1 can dizzy other opponents in Arcade mode, while Versus has a very different distance system that arcade SSF2 pertaining to Dizzies. Anyone pick up on this or know more info about it?

I never noticed the dizzy issues that you’re talking about…in either version. My brother and I played that game to no end…and my Link FAQ obviously came from this version.

The one thing that I would hope is fixed in this game since it’s being rereleased is Blanka’s crouch strong. My brother played him to no end and the crouch fierce-like recovery on that medium attack left him wide open to many of my combos. So, of course, he stopped using it…and so did I.

It was a good game…but it’s not HF or ST.

HOLY SHIT! It’s Onaje Everett! :wow:…WISE FWOM YOUR GWAVE!

Okay, I was wrong about dizzies; the elongated screen threw me off and seems to be the same for both.

Some other things I have run across that are of interest; Because the game’s max speed is still slower than HF and the screen is longer than arcade style, certain properties have changed in characters. This includes Boxer’s TAP and Dash Straight, which from full screen away will not hit the opponent. Instead, one has to consider the distance and be move slightly closer to the opponent in order for the moves to make contact. This is the same consideration for Shoto’s hurricane kick, but oddly enough, the screen length does not effect Blanka’s ball or Honda’s headbutt. The longer screen also changes Chunli’s fullscreen fireball game and every other character with a fireball. Ryu and Ken have to wait significantly more time to throw repeated fireballs; not necessarily a determent but something different.

I’ll post more interesting stuff later in the week.


personally i think its much easier to play Claw in “hyou-bal” mode in this game than in arcade SSF2

This was the game back in 95. Played this on my Sega Genesis 6 button pad for countless hours.


Where you been, Lantis? I’ve been posting actively for a little while now! I’ve seen your posts all over the place. And here I was thinking you had forgotten about little ol’ me. :slight_smile:

Anyway, yeah…I wore this game out, folks. Believe that.

Wait…are you saying that Chun Li’s jab Kikkoken had full screen range in the arcade version of SSF2? I don’t think that’s true. That’s something I’d remember. In both games, the jab version would stop right in front of the opponent if they were a full screen away…which is why you would never want to be backed up into a corner with her. Of course…if you look at my FAQ, that Kikkoken was still useful in shielding your advance if your opponent decided to sit back.

As for Ryu and Ken…well…elongated screen or not, fighting Ryu and his FB-DP trapping self at maximum difficulty still wasn’t easy. Also…per my FAQ, you could set up some nice combos off of the jab Hadouken, too…especially if you Juice HK after it. That’s something I have to admit that I didn’t pay too much attention to. Still…I’m positive that my FAQ worked for the arcade version, too. A lot of the stuff I was doing on SNES SSF2 I now do on SFAE.

Man…I’m starting to wonder about the integrity of my FAQ. :sad:

No no man, I must have been unclear. Her kikoken didn’t have full range in arcade. In SNES, it has even less range. This makes the game different and gives cornered opponents more options I think. Sorry for not being concise.

Well…you might need to be even more specific. On the SNES version, Chun Li’s jab Kikkoken, has almost full screen range…meaning that if the opponent is a full screen away, it stops right in front of them. That’s the range I remember the arcade having. Are you saying that the strong and fierce versions have less range than the arcade?

I wish I still had this game so I could test this against SFAE and CCC2’s version of SSF2T. :sad:

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to your updates. You’re bringing back good memories, my friend.

I thought any gameplay artifacts were a result of the sprite scaling done to fit SF on a standard 4:3 TV. If that’s the case, said differences are mostly the result of developer oversight - and are those really worth discussing?

Hey guys, totally sorry for the delay in postage. School = suckage.

Right when this thread was fresh, I actually conducted scientific study of damage scaling that was perhaps in Versus mode. I was doing normal and special move inputs - both modes I tested as Ryu, against Fei Long on Fei’s stage. The tests were low forward and Jab DP. Each test was the average of two rounds accumulation of hits. For the most part, it seemed that versus mode was more consistent than Arcade, until the end of the test. 20 tests for both DP and Forward on both modes, equally 80 tests; toward the end the results became screwy. I soon discovered I forgot to isolate one variable, which is the timer and found slight fluctuations when deciding to deal low forwards later in the round than right away. In a nutshell, my tests were completely inconclusive and I had no will power to try to test for time.

Zip to last night. My friend SeasofCheese comes back from state college and wants to get some SF2 down. We play SSF2 for 2 hours straight last night and some more this morning. Most of these matches, I was happy to get recorded. The quality isn’t quite up to par due to using my MacBook to record off a projection screen, but it is enough to make out the details for us hardcore folk.

9 parts total, I may add an additional 12 minute session we had quickly before SeasofCheese had to leave. You will notice there are additional videos of HF - these were deleted due to Youtube being Nazi and I deleted my harddrive copy before seeing the devilish effects of tubishness! Regardless, hopefully this revives this thread and perhaps gets people talking. I am a pretty poor player, so no comments dissing my lack of skill. Suggestions for improvement are welcome though.

Now that school is out, I hope to update this thread more.


Yo Iapetus, thanks for posting the vids. Those were some fun matches.

One thing I noticed is that the range on Guile’s backfist seems to be much greater than in any other version of SF2 I have ever played. Does anyone know if this is true or why this is?