Do any of you play the game serious online it gets the least attention of the sf2 series it’s the most balanced it seems many characters can win but there was never a legit tier listing for this from a big Japanese tourney I saw on YouTube back in 94 on console sim and sagat dominated with boxer right under and guile

Moved: Ssf2

Nobody really plays this version mostly due to how insanely slow it is. Seeing as how ST has all of the same characters but with more interesting options and tools, everyone just plays ST. If you REALLY want to play ssf2 characters, just pick the old versions.


If guys love ce idk why they don’t play this version same speed and more character options dvg said he prefers ssf2 over st prob cause Ryu is so good in it


CPS-1 versions are very different from ST. DGV likes SSF2 because he doesn’t like Supers. Ryu is good in both cps-2 versions.


He should use o Ryu then better normals and specials and yeah wasn’t thinking about the cps chains


For as much as DGV prefers SSF2 over ST, he sure is a monster with N.Ryu. Especially his signature combo into super stuff.


Yeah he’s been playing ssf2 since 93 on x band bet he can beat just about anyone in super


He can use him, but N.Ryu is way more fun to play. Cool combos and setups, and DGV loves himself some dope ass combos.


O Ryu is better but I agree that n Ryu is more fun has more options but dp and fireball nerfed and his air tatsu is 50 50 at times and his jumping kicks are better too


I’d say they’re about equal in strength. O.Ryu has good range and priority in his normal attacks, slightly faster fireball, better uppercut, but N.Ryu can soften throws, do overhead combos, a super that takes 50% health, a ton of combo options, a dash punch, corner carry combo, good blockstrings, attack strings, everything.


Yeah but at higher levels and good reaction time o Ryu is better if you can zone well like a good John choi like player fireball dp normals too good I think o ken is better than o Ryu though isn’t his fierce fireball barely slower than o ryus


And his jump forward roundhouse is great plus amazing dp and jab fireball spacing with good reactions o ken can blow shit up throwing slow fireball and walk forward and wait for reaction any type of jump fierce dp invincible all the way to the top I’m gonna make o ken my second character soon


I disagree. O.Ryu, O.Ken, and Ryu are all in about the same tier. Not enough of a difference to flat out state who’s better than who.


So u don’t agree at the higher levels that o ryus faster fireball and recovery rate better dp normals in a game like super turbo where footies and zoning is key to winning at higher levels? It’s like James Chen said at lower levels Honda beats claw at higher cake wins just an example at the top level ryus over heads arnt that great in st his supers damn good obviously and keeps you on your toes fighting him but I believe in a game like st fireballs speed recovery makes all the world of difference since there’s no other sub systems


I think those things help make him a good character, but not enough to push him O.shotos into the top tier. You can’t really look at these things on their individual merits and try to judge their strength in the big picture. Doesn’t work that way. So while on paper, O.shotos might have great range and priority on their pokes, it’ll still lose to Claw’s st.forward, a move which is damn near designed to beat shotos.

At lower levels, Honda beats everyone. He’s a defensive tank with good damage output and a ton of health, but he basically gets worse over time until you master all his nuances. Honda definitely doesn’t beat Claw at high levels. At its best, it MIGHT be an even matchup, but that’s going to be a rare opinion.

Ryu’s overhead is good because it forces the mixup. It’s safe on block, can be combo’d into a fireball or super if it hits, and can be used to guess between low poke or overhead. It’s a good move.

In the case of fireball speeds, O.Gat has the fastest one of them all, and yet he struggles or goes even against other top tiers. Ryu has an extremely fast fireball, as does Deejay, and yet they aren’t OP.