SSF2HD Remix: good games thread

Since no one made a thread and its only a matter of minutes before the game is on the PSN Network, I figured might as well.

CoOkiE! cOoKiE! cOoKiE! coOkie! COOKIE!!!

matter of minutes… more like matter of hours… seriously:arazz:

Is it out today? I thought the release date was tomorrow.

It comes out tomorrow on the 360, PS3 today. Get hype! :woot:

when is it out… ive been refreshing the damn store for like an hour or 2… DAMN IT!

New games normally hit the PSN around 3PM Pacific.
4 More hours gents.

I’ve already been fucked up by goryus_srk.

hey lets play some matches guys!

ID: Arexess

GGs to those I played, I keep getting glitched out though, I dunno. And disconnected?

how’s the server handling the load? laggy much?

Lag is not bad, I’ve been playing since 6:30 and i only saw one realyl wierd occurence of lag, when i was yoga head bashing some doods cammy… adn then all of a sudden my sim flew all over the place and Cammy disappeared right off the screen. I still managed to win the match with my teleportation head bashing throw.

Got raped by RayBladeX. :shake: His Balrog is too good.

I love being able to spectate matches. The online play seems solid.

Is it normal that have this feeling of frustration that you can’t even get one fuckin win. how are you people able to spectate matches?

I got some matches with Blumeanie, not sure if he is a poster here. Sorry if I sucked I need a joystick and then I will suck slightly less.

GG’s Diaz,

Dont know if ookamunka posts here, but that guy is a BEAST

whats ur psn tag? You don’t live far from me in fort walton beach forida =)

Yup, same here. There’s weird bouts of lag, and in the past hour I’ve had 4 matches get ready to start and then say “Lost connection” or some shit and drop me back out to the main menu. So far this game looks great, but seems buggy online. I’m hoping PSN is just overloaded right now or something.

Also, wtf is up with searching for a game? It brings me to a page that I can’t scroll down in where 99% of the rooms are full. Like I give a fuck about full rooms.

Oh, and ggs’ to everyone I’ve played so far :wgrin:

I haven’t had a single problem whatsoever aside from a weird lag once that cost me a match.

PSN is EGO_BRAIN add me

hey sry to the guys i invited. it seems my wi-fi is acting up and matches were dropped. again if this keeps on happening i’m might try a wired connection.