SSF2HD Remix: good games thread

good day/evening gents. ggs to all the regulars and bggs to the RQ’s. Enjoy the summer and see you in game. laterz.

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GG’s to rice, dbo, and lord k. Lol my psn blew up or something at the end.

ggs to KAOSPIDER, Lord Kakaloto, Rashid-O and last but far from least rice247 today.

GGs to everyone that I’ve played over the last couple of days: ZKuneDo, dbostick, cmaxx (I can’t seem to establish a good connection with you anymore–invisible Izuna drops suck), thanks table, Rice All Day, enforcer, a solid Ken whose name escapes me at the moment.

Bad games to Fei Long Wong. It’s funny that he complained about my Sagat’s supposed vagina yet quit. Then what’s the excuse for quitting mirror matches? I guess my Fei shoots fireballs–err-beams too? Haha!

press start


Hey guys looking to start up another league for HDR (PS3 and Xbox360). Please click on the link and check it out.

A lot of you are always posting in here so I figured let’s get a league going. I know it is on-line so dont look at it beyond that. It should be competitive but fun too. Also the way it is going to be setup it should accomodate everyone’s time schedule. We will not be mandating set times. You just will have a week to play your matches. Hope to get 10 to 16 people if not more.

Thanks in advance.

ggs last night to rice247, ALPHA_OMEGA and Gunshow. Rice, your Ryu is awesome, keep up the great work.

he’s very good, i’ve seen him destroying John Choi himself like nothing, EST is one of my favorite HDR/ST players and he is also one of my friends. i’ve never seen you playing on ST and HDR, so who are you?

foolcito,its me fninja

GGs to some of my favorite players today, streetsmart, great work on your Honda, STRESS_FACTOR, Cauldrath, and KAOSPIDER.

He is a nobody. Pay the troll no mind.


ggs to gunshow for a bunch of very good honda/vega matches in a row.
cmacxx for mirror vegas and then blanka/vega.
and also kaospider, who absolutely crushed me the other day fei/vega.

Thx Phil, but uhh… Saying that me beating John Choi like nothing is an overstatement. JC had to be one of the best players I have faced. A couple of mistakes and your in for some half life combos. It was an honor vs Choi. Too bad he doesnt ST / HDR anymore. I think he mains SSF4 now.

ggs to you all too. That was a fun room. Lagged at times but it’s PSN so… lol.

let me work… i’m your new lawyer.

big LOL, Talk to my hand or talk to me when you’ll be able to beat me at least once in your life :wink:

so damn right.

Is that right?

GG’s tonight to SP Wesker, SwanSongCourse, DillingR668, Jinjah, um, and a bunch of other people. And GG’s to MPE1706S or something like that, the guy had a Cammy who destroyed my Claw. Totally came out of nowhere, never seen this guy online before. He acts like Pasky though, but I don’t remember him playing Cammy. I guess I don’t know the match up very well after all, learned a thing or two about Cammy from playing this guy. Wish I’d been able to play him some more.

Ggs to Lord Kakaloto , Rashid_O ( very good o. Fei bro ), Dj reign , and crimson knight on classic mode. Nice to see everyone playing different characters. Yea Rashid, 3.30 is late. Lol

GG’s to my homie Moon, Swan, Dilling, and the other guys I played. Haven’t played much HD lately, but I still love the game like no other.