SSF2HD Remix: good games thread

neodarkfall has no honor, that’s for sure (and I don’t mean it in the good way).

GGS to GNX and Chrnoxx the other day, nice classic mode session!, and we had a long one without room explosions, because nobody uses classic mode except when i decide to play on psn and invite friends to join me :stuck_out_tongue:

Good shit guys, GNX, you have to use that honda often, for real dude!

I remember the Odd couple damn good show and the series finale was excellent.

Wow dudes still play this? Whenever I hop on randomly there are no rooms. Few ppl playing Ranked though.

Dun…dun…dun…another one bites the dust…

Well guys, I just turned on my PS3 today to play some Catherine, left my room to go do something, then came back and found out that I have the dreaded Yellow Light of Death (YLOD). Now my disk is stuck and I have no way of recovering it unless I manually open it and try to fix it myself, or send it in to Sony and have them fix it for $150 and I *might *just see that disk again. Or I may send it into Gophermods and hopefully they can fix it. Well in any case I will be out of action for at least a few weeks. Farewell my HDR brothers…

SLEZ there is someone on SRK who fixes consoles with an infrared machine. I forgot who, but I’m sure if you’d hit him up he’d totally do it. Would probably cost less to ship it to him, have him fix it the right way, and send it back. Plus, you’d get your game back and keep your hard disk. You don’t get that with Sony, they will keep your disc. Sony simply receives yours, and then sends out a refurb that will give you the same problem 4 months down the road.


Hey, here is the thread. Sorry for the double post. Need alittle help

User blklightning21, profile

He has a site for his business

At least the guy has a presence here, and you’d be able to communicate easily and not deal with email over some ebay auction thing.

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Looks like he has a reball service, too. $100 and if he uses a lead based solder to reball, it would be better than new since the solder wouldn’t bridge and melt easy from the poor thermal intake of the PS3. On top of that, it STILL costs less than sending your PS3 to Sony for $150 only to get a refurb that will do the same thing as your current unit.

You know I don’t take it personally, I just disagree with how you feel about Claw. Maybe if you’d pick him up and play him a bit, you’d see he’s a very balanced character. Especially without knock down, everyone pretty much has a decent shot at beating him. If you really want to give Claw players shit, just pick up Boxer and start maining him. I think Boxer is probably Claw’s worst match up.

Totally agree. There are even a handful of good Sim players that make even that matchup tough(ish.)

Hmm. Boxer IS a hard fight, but I don’t think it’s the worst. You have some wiggle room as Claw in this match up. Slide can be effective, and you can even get Boxer to overdo the Buffalo Head Butts- to catch him with the super. Obviously, try to keep from getting caught by his hold (which can be looped on Claw with particular ease) and keep pokes to a minimum. In my opinion, Dic might be a harder matchup than Boxer for Claw…
Either way, I think Honda and Blanka are both considerably more difficult matches. Honda not only has a totally viable answer for anything you can throw at him, but he doesn’t need to do anything the whole fight except jab torpedo whenever you come anywhere near him. Even jumping fp can be stuffed by lp torpedo if he waits until the very last moment bc of its invincible first frame or whatever.
And then Blanka is a very weird fight. Sometimes I play a good Blanka and do well, and think “Oh, that fight isn’t as bad as I remember.” but really I think when that happens it’s a combination of luck and doing everything right, plus the other player having/doing the opposite. You have pretty much no air game whatsoever and can only play defensively, which sucks because Blanka is armed with soooo many very good offensive options against Claw- so the whole fight is very nerve racking. I know I end up camping out as far away as possible most Blanka fights tapping c. fp (occasionally mixing up the pacing) and different claw rolls, waiting to see if I guess right with the flip kick, standing rh, or whatever when he comes in to score his myriad of fast kicks, rolling balls, blood squirting bites, and electric crouch farts all over your shit- all for very high damage.
All that said about Blanka, I still think Honda is the harder fight.

Claw & Boxer are the two most bullshit character in the game besides Akuma…

Throw in Honda and we’re in total agreement.

Ha! Sounds just like the Dic/Honda match up…

I didn’t want sound to bias since i do main Gief but yeah Honda is the most bullshit character tied with Vega…

Thanks for the heads up Moon, I’ll definitely check them out.

Online Ken is the worst, IMO. Honda is pretty bullshit too. And Zangief is babyzone!

lol ok bro. Gief got huge buffs against Claw, he’s almost an anti-Claw now. Get lost dude.

Anyway, table I still think no matter what, Boxer is still more difficult for Claw. If he corners you, you have options to get out. Not even fk gets you out of the corner. All he has to do is standing fierce and Buffalo loops and you can’t do shit, because he’s too close and will destroy you. You can’t even wall dive him, because his Buffalo always gets him either free damage or free distance, even if you cross up cancel. A Boxer who can always poke cancel rush Buffalo on reaction destroys Claw, and what made the match up more even in ST was knock down. Without knock down, even if you score a hit Boxer can recover so fast he’ll be rushing you down, especially since you gave him free access to close distance pokes by scoring a wall dive hit. Extremely hard match in HDR.

Honda, isn’t so hard. His Sumo Splash is actually punishable if he uses it to escape wall dive since you can use a distance poke to punish or simply keep crossing up until the Honda fucks up. On top of that, you can mix the cross up with a Sky High Claw and actually punish him for being predictable. On top of that, you can usually cross him up a lot easier, and you can generally keep him out. That match is pretty much both players playing turtle and keep away, and I think, when you don’t factor in stuff like lag, it’s probably in Claw’s favor. If not, then easily an even match. Same with Dictator, I still consider that an even, albeit very difficult match up. It’s one of my worst match ups in the game, but no where near as bad as fighting a good Boxer.

HDR Blanka is another story, he easily over powers Claw when it comes to offense, but at least you can turtle him and beat him with defense. You can stop Blanka’s rolls too with a standing mk or at least trade. You just have to be careful about shocks and the fact that HDR Blanka’s rolls are more difficult to tell apart because of the changes Sirlin made.

You can’t turtle Boxer. Boxer has the upper hand, easily. I’d like to note that even Ganelon, who plays ST where Claw isn’t nerfed, thinks Boxer is probably the worst match for Claw. We were just discussing it the other night on GGPO.

You play Dee Jay dude, how is Honda BS? Dee Jay destroys Honda. Shotos destroy Honda. Any character with a FB + AA destroys Honda. No bs there. He probably has more even or bad match ups than good ones.

Its funny that the better Vega player is telling how bullshit character he is, yet mediocre Vega player like yourself says otherwise…

You lose to Gief because you dont have the skills & knowledge to play that matchup…Vega has all the tools to win hands down…Its a 7-3 matchup in Vegas favor…

HDR Gief is different. KKK lariat is safe on sweep, wall dive scores a hit and is in SPD range unless you get the tip of the claw, cr.HP beats wall dive, jumping jab beats wall dive, if you go for Izuna Gief has lariat. Gief’s sweeps are very good. KKK lariat is so safe that you can’t poke it and if you try to sweep, he is either safe and recovers with SPD or some other OS. The match is way better for Gief than in ST, he has a ton of answers for Claw. If you think the match is that skewed, then you’re kidding yourself.Gief has a ton of answers for any of Claw’s tools. I think it’s still in Claw’s favor only because Claw is so much faster. Gief takes forever to chip damage off, it’s a total hit and run game and you have to play the match perfect.

I’m not saying it is in Gief’s favor, but the match is way better and there isn’t a single thing that Claw simply dominates on Gief. No knock down, Gief is easily in the game against Claw. That alone kills a big portion of Claw’s Gief match up. Plus, the buffs he got against Claw, like the extra range on cr.HP and unsweepable KKK lariat. How is it that I know this but you dont, and you main Gief?

But I guess none of that factors, and Claw is a total BS character. Keep kidding yourself, bro.

I guess thanks_table is a pretty shitty Claw, too, because he’s mostly agreed with almost everything I’ve typed out. Also, BB has been beat by good Zangief players before, I’ve seen it happen several times. None of that factors though, right? No, Claw is bull shit, even though Gief has an answer for pretty much everything he can throw at him in HDR.

Also, you may want to ask Lord_Kakaloto, but there have been quite a few times I’ve dominated him with simple zoning. There are times he dominates me, too, we go back and forth a lot in our matches. A lot of our matches are really close, too. It isn’t like I don’t know the match up. You’ve only played me a handful of times and I have to suffer through your jittery lag.

You were just saying Gief was the anti-claw…LOL

Trust me this so called phantom lag wasn’t the reason why i beat you over & over again…

Reading comprehension much?

Keep kidding yourself. Free jump ins and sweeps, I get rolled back wake ups, rolled back pokes, and rolled back throws. Totally not why you’d win…

Yeah, and I also play Bison. If you can’t pull off Bison’s x-up ToD with regularity, then you’re pretty damn fucked in that match up. In fact, I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that every character without a projectile is at a disadvantage against him (with the only possible exception being Boxer). The HHS is the perfect move: it comes out quick, has quick recovery, great range, high damage, high stun and high chip. And even for those that do have projectiles, unless you’re a shoto that bastard is impossible to get off of you once he gets in. In my experience, he’s worse than Gief in this aspect. Stored ochio shenanigans for the win!

What’s that you say? “Then don’t let him in”? From my experience, only top level Ryus will keep even a moderately skilled Honda out forever.

I’ll admit that part of my problem with Honda is needing to level up…especially that hard as fuck Dic/Honda match…but it annoys me how little effort it takes to be a threat with Honda. No disrespect meant to the Honda players.