SSF2HD Remix Small Ping; Netherlands edition

I know there are plenty of Dutch fighters on Shoryuken.
Let’s go towards low lag battles and maybe even a Dutch tournament. Heck why not.
Please add me as a friend and or invite me. I’ll do the same.
If you are close to the Netherlands and have a decent connection join us!
I know some Dutch people with sfhd, but they’re on x-box.
I’m not super good, reasonable, win some/lose some.

i know a few dutch people PSN logg on: CommLuc (Kurodaan from ggpo a good balrog player),
PSF (a good bison pad player)

i dunno where the rest of the dutch people is , R-Jive , Rockstar , W.O.G

They just lurk at

But iirc most of them play HD remix on 360 now.

btw dagv… i play stick Vega (dictator) :stuck_out_tongue:

like 90% of the Dutch play on the 360 :slight_smile: