SSF2HDR.. Ken's cheap trowtrap. How to escape?

Hi all

I’m no pro at Street fighter, but i’ve played some players who gave me a total beatdown. I played some guy with a lot of o’s like o0ONAMEHEREO0o, which used ken. I used bison (dic).

Everytime i got swept, he jumped at me with a medium kick in the air, which i block, and then knee me (grab). I CAN’T f****ing escape - so frustrating. I guess we played 15 matches bison vs ken in a row, and i only got 1 single win. I could almost beat him (20% left or so), and then he keeps spamming this move. I’ve tried jabs, shorts, crousching, sciccors, P. crusher… nothing works.

How do i get through? - I want to show him some loving!

If anyone wants, i am up for some sparring to help me. I’m on ps3, and my “gamertag” is Anima87. I’ve played someone called shin-something, who played a blanka, and also lost. Please help me train.

Thanks, Anima

did you try wake up teleport? or doe he not have that move in HDR? What about that head stomp jump to get away?

if he jumps at yo (before you got knocked down), can’t you stuff his approach with s. HK?

Try counter throwing or Devil’s Reverse (charge d,u+P)

AOS if you dont know the game don’t try to give advice.

Anima, in HDR the only ways to beat a solid tickthrow is to do an invincible reversal (devils reverse or super in your case), to throw him back when he tries to throw you (mash your throw buttons but you need to stand up for this so you’re vulnerable to lows) but the best way, especially with your character is to never get into that situation.

Bison is known for his all or nothing nature, he has a tough time when he is being pressured and some characters can even force him to eat a throw without bison being able to do anything about it. To be fair bisons pressure and comeback potential is ridiculous.

I’m not very knowledgable about him though so I suggest going to the HDR subforums and check out the Bison/Dictator thread there .

There was a thread exactly like this made a couple weeks ago. I made a pretty good post about it (did screw up with chun’s cross up though) that can be found here:

Here’s the jist of it:

basically replace chun’s up kicks with bison’s devil reverse (because that is his move with invincibility frames) and you’re good.

Thanks all

Yeah, but i suspect him to be at a much higher level than me. I played CE SF2 when i was about 6 years old (a kid had it with him ONE afternoon). I fell in love with it, but never got it. I had Alpha 3, and played it as the biggest scrub.

Then i saw this guy on youtube, DSP, and his video’s reminded me of my love for SF2, so i got HDR about a year ago, but since i’m busy with studing to be an engineer, i don’t have much time frankly. I’m just in the learning phase - well, developing m skills from noob/scrub to beginner level.

I rarely play bison though, and i have no knowledge of combo’s with him. I watched a guy called Taira play as him, but i can’t do any of his combos. fx. his 5 hit combo with the scissors kick. I “cross-hit” with a jumping medium kick, 2 x short kick, and then i try crouching short, which does not combo…

I also have trouble with hadouken spammers with my balrog. My head-trick often will not work… might just be a timing issue, and the fact that i always fail when playing online with the spanish - ping is over 200.

My skill level… i’ve beaten AKuma once with sagat, and i play vs. the CPU at hard, and always make a couple of continues:wgrin:

Beating the CPU doesn’t determine what level of skill you’re at. You sound very beginner to me, in a none derogatory sense.

At your level, the only combo I would suggest as Dictator is Jump-in :hk:, Cr.:mk:xx:hp Psycho Crusher. That three hit combo stuns 90% of the time. The cross-up combo you’re referring to can be started with either cross-up :mk: or :hk:, then St.:lk:x2, Cr.:mk:xx:hp: Psycho Crusher. That’s what’s called a ToD combo. A Touch of Death combo. It stuns your opponent, and you can repeat the exact same combo for the kill.

As for escaping Ken’s tick throw grab, grab him back. Dictator’s grab is bigger.

Fulaani’s answer is excellent.

Convenient links:
HDR subforum
Bison thread

Something else worth keeping in mind is that HDR (a.k.a. SSF2THDR, Remix) is a direct derivative of its predecessor ST (a.k.a. SSF2T, Super Turbo, vanilla ST), and so in many ways they are extremely similar. The engine itself works exactly the same way, so all of the system mechanics’ details apply equally to both. Many of the characters are similar enough as well, so most ST strategies and (I think) all ST combos will still apply to HDR. As such, reading ST info will help you too.

The trick is that since much of the accumulated knowledge is redundant, some of the best tips, advice, and information for HDR is only in the ST subforum; HDR players on SRK will usually read the ST subforum as well.
ST subforum

As a matter of fact, the SRK wiki doesn’t have a separate section for HDR; when HDR was released, they simply added the short-form list of changes for each character onto their ST page.
ST wiki

These will all be extremely valuable resources to you. Do continue to ask questions as they come up!

I don’t mind being called a novice or anything, because that’s what i am. You can’t be advanced when you only play 3 hours a week at maximum, and you don’t know much of the combo and other tricks.

I just wanted to learn how to escape these, as i was on the verge of quitting a few times while i got beat. it gets frustrating when you loose 12 matches in a row because of the same trick. Some rounds i were at 90% hp, and then i just does this s**t over and over to defeat me.

Will have a look at the combo section so i can dish out more damage at a given opening. Right now, i mostly use basic attacks to “poke” at the other player…


super, devils reverse, throw with middle punch, jump and back MP on kens jump in (possible stuff or trade but you get up).

lol @ the guy giving SF4 advice.