Ssf2t: Chun li help


I was just wondering how do you store chun lis super and the different ways to activate it?


Here is a breif example,

Hold back for 2 seconds …

U now have the charge…

walk at your opponent and he does a poke at you,

u can now do B , F the rest of the motion + K and input super.

Your charge is kept as long as you dont do a basic attack or special move.

I could be wrong but im sure thats the rules to the storing of the charge.

Other charecters like honda can store there command throw. In case you were curious.


thanks a lot, i couldn’t find it in the threads, but yeah i knew you could store hondas throw, but didn’t know how to do chuns.


for Chun Li, you should do it like this. charge back, press F, B, F, but do not press any kick buttons. you can press punches and jump, just as long as you keep holding forward. you can actually jump in with hp, land and combo in the super by pressing kick.