SSF2T: Dee Jay Questions


First and foremost… How in God’s name do you work the hyperfist!? I know it involves mashing the buttons, but there’s got to be more to it. I can only get 3 combo hits at the most. Sometimes even when I don’t hit a button, it’s doesn’t combo at all, sometimes it does? (which is real crappy against an ochio-storing honda :bluu: ) Do different strengths operate differently?

Also, what are some good combos to connect the dread kick? I’m kinda tired of seeing the 2nd hit of that sucker getting blocked sometimes.

Oh… and if you wanna tell me some fat combos, or dizzy combos, i wouldn’t mind. :smiley:


most practical combo i use with deejay is crossup, c.jab x 2, s.strong, rh dread kick. its even a safe poke if blocked. does great damage and it dizzies some characters. but the bad news is that the 2nd hit almost never combos. it will every once in a while heh


I hope someone else posts that knows more about the machine gun punch. All I know is what I read from NKI’s transcript he posted:

That being said, the machine gun punch itself is only one of the barriers in doing that combo. The charge timing for the machine gun punch after only a crossup fwd and cr. fierce is hard as well.

Easier combos I use:
*crossup fwd, cr jab x2, st strong xx rh dread kick (both kick hits should connect)
*crossup fwd, cr jab x3, rh upkick (can follow with super for 2 more hits)

For non-crossup, generally if they’re in the corner, you can use:
*j rh, st strong xx rh dread kick

On the rh upkick, if you only get 2 hits, generally if you’re using it aa, you can repeat it again for the 3rd hit ala vega cartwheel.

On the super, you can connect 2 hits of the rh upkick after, ala chun super upkick.

More than any combos, dee jay’s normals are what make him good. EVERY one is useful with the exception of j strong and j fierce.


Sabre: That’s usually the combo I go for. But it’s NOT safe if blocked. I’ve DPed, flashed, TUed, Supered, etc. that 2nd kick many times… I like it when I do it, but When it happens to me it sucks. :frowning:

What’s that old line? “If you can block it, you can dragon punch it”

gotta go…


eh, i dont remember ever being dp’ed out of it, ever


You can also do:

Crossup Forward, sitting jab x2, standing strong, fierce sonic boom (max-out or whatever)

IF you’re a combo freak then:

Crossup Forward, Sitting jab x2, standing strong, Super, then flashkick (down then up kick)



jms: Where’s NKI to when you need him? :slight_smile: I try mashing, but I can’t do it right… If I mash too much, the friggin’ thing takes FOREVER to animate completely and none of this hits combo. Am I supposed to mash 1 button or all of them?

The crossup, d.jab x2, s.strong, rh dread is the combo I usually go for… But I can’t get the 2nd hit of the dread to connect reliably. I guess I’m not jabbing fast enough, and pushing myself away too far? Maybe it’s character dependant?

Sabre: Lemme re-phrase what I said. It’s not always safe if blocked. Think about it… If the 1st and 2nd hit don’t combo, there must me a gap in between where you can squeeze a special in. Give it a shot…

It’s like Honda’s HHS… it doesn’t all combo so you can squeeze something in. I’ve seen people eat 1 hit, then reversal DP him out of it. Hmm It would be funny if the move wan’t safe at all because you could reversal out of it with a special everytime. :slight_smile:

Reza-o: A few of my friends can combo the super, but I have great difficulty. :frowning: I’ve done it a couple times but damn! Any tips? When I ask my friends they tell me to wiggle towards-back-towards after the jabs real quick, then hit strong->RH. Duh! :slight_smile:


I can suggest 2 ways of doing it but I can’t do it during matches myself. It requires a couple of hours of repetitious practice for me, and I don’t use DJ that much so… :slight_smile:

You can do either of the following after the jabs:

  • Forward, Back, Strong, Forward, press a kick

  • Forward, Back, Forward, Back AGAIN, Strong then Immediately press a kick. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.


Aaaah… Back again! Maybe that’s the ticket… Sometimes I find myself going to nuetral even and hitting strong-rh.

What pisses me off, is that most times I do the coombo I can visually SEE the s.strong start to animate… but i cancel into super before it connects, ruining the combo. But when I try to wait and make the strong fully animate, it NEVER works!!

ARGH! :slight_smile: thanks for the advice guys


there was a trick to getting a lot of hits out of the uppercut and getting it to combo. if you hit the punch attacks in the right order and fast, you could get it to combo 4 hits. i dont remember the order tho. i dont really use the attack much…


Sounds familiar, heh…that pretty much sums up my problems getting the machine gun punch to connect too. As for getting the second hit of the dread kick to connect on that combo, it’s probably just a timing issue. Obviously, you want everything to be optimal. Hit the crossup fwd deep, quickly connect the jabs, hit the strong and immediately after and cancel it quickly into the rh dread kick. It’s probably most useful to split up the combo into two parts:

  1. the crossup fwd, cr. jab 2x
  2. the st. strong xx rh dread kick

The crossup, jabs part is easy, so I have a feeling the reason why the second hit doesn’t combo is because the st. strong xx dread kick comes out a little slow. Interestingly, if you try that same combo with only 1 cr. jab, the second hit of the dread kick can be blocked every time. Weird huh? Where IS that NKI guy?

Also, if that second hit of the dread kick is going to be a blocked hit, I’d imagine that you could be spd’d out of it. I’m really not sure about the dp though…you’d have to be incredibly fast to hit that. The thing about the combo is that to reversal or 360 the second part of the kick, you have to know that the dee jay player messed up the combo (i.e. the second dread kick hit will be able to be blocked), thereby giving you enough time to get your move in. That being said, I’ve never had anyone reversal or 360 that second hit…human or cpu.


I dunno if you can SPD him out of it… I know my friend uses the short one to get out of normal ticks sometimes, and I can’t ever seem to throw him out of it… (but I usually hit with my s.strong/forward, heh:)) I’ve tried spd’ing the 2nd hit but i’ve never gotten it to work. Prolly just me though.

The DP thing does work on the DC for sure tho… You can flash kick him out of the 2nd hit even on the SNES version of super (first time I did it). If I block the combo, I try try to hit the 2nd hit EVERY time… I don’t always get it but I don’t remember ever getting hit, and it’s console anyway so I don’t care if I do. :slight_smile:

Does DJ have any normals that can ONLY be super-cancelled? N.DJ D.strong?


Because I have way too much free time (and a loan of ST from a friend), I tried to figure out why the dread kick is so hard to combo for 2 hits. This could be wrong, but anyways…

The Forward and Roundhouse Dread Kick have 2 hits. Each hit has 2 parts that can connect with your opponent.

The first kick can hit with the knee first(if close enough), then the extended leg (if far enough away)
The second kick can hit while slightly bent at the knee, then when it is fully extended (if far enough away)

The 1st hit knee combos with the 2nd hit bent leg (if in range),
and the 1st hit extended leg combos with 2nd hit fully extended kick

Got it? :slight_smile: It also depends on ranges. Basically, If the first kick is a knee you want to be real close so the 2nd kick can connect before it fully animates, or else it will be blocked (Dread Kick A). If the first kick is the long kick you want to be close enough so that the 2nd hit will reach them and combo (Dread Kick B).

I think this is why it’s so contrary… Against a lot of characters right next to them = it works. A little further out = it doesn’t work. A little more further out = it works. A little MORE further out = the 2nd hit is blocked/whiffs.

But not every character! I’m going to throw down characters, and combos that let the dread kick connect for 2 hits.

You never want to get the knee in a crossup combo, apparently it never works.
Crossup: 2 slow ducking jabs, standing strong, RH Dread Kick B
Crossup: 2 fast ducking jabs, standing strong, forward Dread Kick B(Rog/Sim Only)
Jump-in high RH, standing strong, RH Dread Kick A
Jump-in deep RH, standing strong, forward Dread Kick B
Jump-in deep RH, ducking fierce, RH Dread Kick B (dizzy like crazy)

He’s reaaaal FAT. Hard to not get the knee
Crossup: 3 ducking jabs, standing strong, RH Dread kick B (hard)
Crossup: 2 ducking jabs, ducking fierce, RH Dread Kick B (ouch)
Jump-in high RH, standing strong, RH Dread Kick A
Jump-in deep RH, ducking fierce, RH Dread Kick B

Crossup: 2 fast ducking jabs, standing strong, RH dread kick B
Jump-in high RH, standing strong, forward Dread Kick B
Jump-in high RH, ducking fierce, RH Dread Kick B

Crossup: 2 ducking jabs, standing strong, RH Dread Kick B
that one is crazy particular… Makes me think it is IS just random.
Jump-in high RH, standing strong, RH Dread Kick A
Jump-in high RH, standing strong, forward Dread Kick B

Crossup: 2 ducking jabs, standing strong, RH Dread Kick B
As long as you don’t connect with the knee, this one seems to always work.
Jump-in high RH, ducking fierce, RH Dread Kick B
Jump-in high RH, standing strong, RH Dread Kick A
Jump in deep RH, standing strong, forward Dread Kick B (always works)

This is where it starts to go downhill…
Crossup combos don’t work. Only Dread Kick A can combo for 2 hits.
Jump-in high RH, standing strong, RH Dread Kick A

VEGA (Claw)
Crossup combos don’t work because I can’t combo 2 d.jabs into s.strong…
The only reliable combo I can find is
jump-in high RH, standing strong, forward Dread Kick B

Crossup combos don’t work. Only Dread Kick A can combo for 2 hits.
Jump-in high/deep RH, standing strong, RH Dread Kick A

The ONLY way I can put the 2-hit Dread Kick in a combo is with
Ducking jab/short, RH Dread Kick A… ONLY in the corner. ?!

The Dread Kick NEVER combos for 2 hits. Ever.

Now, My game is busted (you can’t select Chun Li), so maybe this is wrong… Actually, I hope it’s wrong. That sucks. :slight_smile:



I’d like to retract everything I’ve written in this thread about the Dread Kick crossup combo :lol:

I don’t think I’ve even spent a fraction of the time testing you did, but so far I’ve tested Crossup, x2 fast cr. jab, st. strong, RH Dread Kick B against each character (excluding old versions), and your results are right on the money.

Against Chun, the above combo (RH Dread Kick B) results in the second Dread Kick hit being blocked.



I love that you broke his kicks down…

Now… if you could break his Machine Gun Uppercut down… that would be nice. LOL.:lol:

Keep up the good work man.



Friggin’ Hyperfist… >grumble<
Some gameplay related questions this time.

1.What are some good attacks for hitting them when they jump the Maxout when playing keepaway?
Far s.RH is my usual choice. But doesn’t always work for me. Far fierce sometimes if they’re closer… ? If I can’t reach them, sometimes I walk up and slide… or walk up throw.

I’m asking because I like to play a midrange DJ just trying for knockdown so I can go for crazy crossup (I like to do combos), but against Honda Gief Rog Hawk (and sometimes Sim even) I feel better off letting them try to come to me… ESPECIALLY Honda. Damn his fat ass.

2.Any use for the strong Maxout? I never use it… I don’t know why.

3.What’s his best throw? Or does it matter?

4.How do you play shotos?
Do I try to stay upclose/midrange with Maxouts and pokes trying to get that knockdown/jump-in? Or should I only jump when I know in safe and try to get him to come to me instead?

I ask this because sometimes I find I do nice damage either way… but also get beaten either way. :confused: If I rush in and get lucky I can win right then. If I’m in the lead (or just afraid :)) I can keepaway/stall for time… Which is great when I score the knockdown when he’s trying to get to me, but sucks when I back myself into the corner and get slaughtered. Any tips at all really on a shoto match would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… You CAN do Dread Kick A combos after a crossup. Which means (possibly) you can do the crossup combo on more characters than I listed. The only one I know is against Gief. Crossup, 1 d.jab, s.strong, RH Dread Kick A… But it only works if you jump from right next to him and hit real deep, because then you can get enough time to charge the special.


my 2 cents:

  1. antiairs I use (depending on range of course) are stand strong, stand fierce, stand forward, stand RH, slide.

  2. FIreball speed mixups maybe?

  3. Not sure it matters. both throws fling the opponent kinda far away so either one only sets up maxout zoning games. Doesn’t set up crossup oppurtunities or much else.

  4. umm… haven’t played DJ in ages. Better let someone else answer this one.

BTW did you get the faq I sent you Marvelscrub?


Shotos suck!

  1. If you’re at s.RH range, your best bets are probably slide or s.fwd. If the opponent is hitting you out of s.RH, try s.fwd, since it has greater priority. If you try s.fwd a little too close though, it’ll turn into that goofy 2-hit thing, and if you only get 1 hit on the tip of his foot on the second hit, it’ll only do a tick’s worth of dmg. Dogberry covered all the other aa if you’re closer. Depending on their distance and whether they jump straight up or not, you could also meet them in the air :slight_smile:

  2. I tend to only use jab and fierce ones too. It’s probably worth learning the timing for strong so you can force people to block it on get up, or get them to jump on one.

  3. Don’t think there’s a real difference. Good thing is that deejay throws with all mediums and heavies, so every now and then you’ll tech a throw or get a throw when you’re caught off balance.

  4. It’s very important that you are the one setting the tempo of the match. I’ve never had much success trying to play a reactive game vs. shotos*. Whenever possible, you want to be in their face throwing out your high priority pokes, especially cr.strong, cr.fierce and some cr.jabs/shorts. Scoring a knockdown at this range is awesome–it can set them up for a huge combo**, and at the very least, it always swings momentum and puts them on the defensive (if they weren’t already).

In throwing maxouts, you also want to hold your ground by charging in crouch or throwing standing moves. If they attempt to jump over a maxout at close range, you have both s.fierce and cr.fierce to aa them, each work optimally at slightly different angles (you can charge back during the aa to tag them with a maxout when they land, or you can setup a good poking distance again). Whenever you concede some ground, either by blocking fireballs (I’m not advocating you eat them though!) or just backing up, that gives you less ground to manuver and less ground for them to worry about zoning.

Just like them, your goal should be to push them to the corner and cut off their ground options by interrupting fireballs with pokes, forcing them to block maxouts, and hitting them with slides or cr.fwd, while cutting off their air options with upkick. You need to take away their ability to throw their faster fireballs by being in their face and stopping any attempts at fireball or poke xx fireball. The weapons you have to achieve that are higher priority normals, and a great crossup game should you knock them down.

*I hate all shotos except n.ken.

**I still don’t understand how hyperfist mashes. My hyperfist crossup combo is only 4 hits :frowning:


jms: About the hyperfist… All i know is that it has 5 main parts i think. The wind-up (doesn’t hit), first low punch - multipunch(always hits), bit higher - doesn’t multipunch unless you mash(also doesn’t hit unless), bit higher - doesn’t multipunch unless you mash(also doesn’t hit unless), last hit - multipunch(always is a hit). Woo. On PSX pad I can get it 90%, and that’s just rocking my thumb on strong, fierce. I guess I just need to learn how to mash it on a stick? Jeezuz I am a scrub.

dogberry: The FAQ is sweet. Gotta love the old-school FAQs with the ascii graphic stick motions for a special move. Should totally bring that stuff back.

I am so pissed I never realized the blocking stormhammer technique with Hawk… Such a great idea. Can’t wait to use it with my Honda… who can now crossup, punch, even BLOCK, and still keep super charged. Great stuff. :slight_smile: