SSF2T Flying Barcelona Attack


I have been playing this game emulated on my friends house, he doesn’t have the Cps2 arcade pcb, we play on three different setups, FBAX for the original Xbox, latest version of Mame on a laptop hooked up to a CRT TV and Final Burn Alpha on an old C2duo PC with a CRT monitor, thing is that I cannot for the life of me pull the Vega’s Flying Barcelona Attack consistently, I don’t know why but it is a lot more easier to pull on the arcade pcb, and I know is not a matter of control quality because I have different parts installed on all my arcade cabs, Sanwa, Seimitsu, IL, Fanta,

So… is this an emulation problem? I have read something about this before, that some broken inputs caused by an emulation glitch in Final Burn, but I thought its was already fixed by now, can someone please shed some light about this??