SSF2T: Guile Help


I’m getting back into SSF2T, and started to use Guile. Can anyone give me some pointers? Like combos and such?


sim fuck guile


ST not about doing combos like CVS2. You want to do a lot booms (not against a good dhalsim player)kind of mix’em up as pressure mind game or counter with it. If you get the opponent dizzy :if in the corner do a j.roundhouse or feirce, s.feirce, feirce boom, then if done right do ethier a backfist or ,c.foward. An expert combo you can do is a deep(charge down) j. feirce, s.feirce,then roundhouse flash kick. The stand feirce into the flash kick must be done with fluid motion. Note: if agianst shorter charcters do the short kick one. Your c.foward is good zoning and countering tool use that when needed. I use old Guile because he’s a hell of lot better in my opinion,when attempting to do machine gun booms and he’s what Thomas Osaki played. Otherwise try to learn important match ups like Guile vs Ryu, vs old Sagat, vs Honda, vs Vega,vs Bison,Balrog, etc


Quite frankly, all you have to do is sit there, throw the occasional sonic boom, and when they jump flash kick them. Throw also…throw alot. Damn Guile is so cheap:mad: .


What if they jump your boom? You can’t flash kick then… :smiley: I know what you mean though… just picking.

Joon: Speaing of jumping over the booms… One thing you have to learn is how to deal with it. Some stuff to try:

close d.fierce (get that arm extended)
if they hit you out of it clean, you could try for throw when they land.

jump rh
I like to use this if they are going to land a bit in front of me, not on top of me. straight up jump is what I usually use, jump towards rh if it wont reach. I have seen people use jump towards/back fierce and straight jump fierce (CRAZY priority) as well.

As for combos, Guile has some sick combos in the corner like redizzies and stuff, but i wouldn’t worry about them. You’ll probably never get the chance to use them anyways.

jump attack, c.strong, flash kick is basic and easy.

crossup short, d.jab x2, up+jab+kick for flash kick is also pretty practical and easy.

Slow boom to hit them in the back when they’re getting up/landing from getting hit, whiff knee, fierce boom can combo.


Guile is not cheap in ST. The priority on his normals and flash kick has been lessened considerably, and IIRC he’s a bit slower too. He’s still a good character, but it certainly takes more work to win with him than in, say, WW.

Don’t throw booms when they’re in a position to jump on you. You will probably recover and be able to block, but you’re going to lose momentum and you probably won’t have a suitable anti-air available to you. Stay just outside of c.forward range - that way, they have to fight to get in and can’t really jump on you easily. Use booms to push them out if they get too close. And know all your ranges. That’s very important with Guile. Hell, it’s important with anyone, really.


Thanks all, I’m going to go practice and hone down my skills:D


98 own st


ST n00b here…

  • old Guile vs new Guile? which is better?
  • i don’t really use his hopkick (b.SK). should i?
  • i don’t really throw booms rapid fire. usually i throw a boom and follow up with a bunch of pokes to push into the corner, but everything i read says Guile should ideally be throwing booms like no tomorrow. what’s wrong w my gameplan?
  • i really don’t think i’m worrying enough about staying charged, eg i don’t charge for a somersault after every boom. should i…?
  • Dasrik mentioned never throwing a boom when opponent is in position to connect a jump in. so is throwing booms when the opponent is outside c.FK range ok? as a general rule i mean, since bison can jump at me from a full screen away.
  • should Guile sweep a lot? i figured keeping the opponent on his feet means they’re always up to take a beating.
  • so is Guile typically played keepaway? if he is, then as his opponent wakes up does that mean he should be meaty boom > c.FKing them, instead of crossing up with a combo?
  • general q; jump up RK or FP. i still find timing these a bit tricky… i really have to be watching for the opponent’s feet leaving the ground, don’t i? as in, it’s not a reactionary sort of anti-air like a DP or FK. so i kinda have to bait them…


Most people say O. Guile his booms are faster coming out/recover better (?), he has his high kick standing RH as useful AA, and backfist while keeping his charge and can poke with standing short kick since his knee bazooka is with forward kick.

N. Guile has the hopping forward kick and his new roundhouse can be pretty useful in some situation. His new standing fierce is useful against some jump-ins, and of course he can super/tech.

It is a great way to get close to someone after they block a boom while maintaining charge. It depends on the match and the distance you are at.

After throwing a boom if you are close to them you should move to d/b. Same when you jump, as soon as you jump move to d/b. If you throw a boom and want to advance, using the knee bazooka or the new standing roundhouse allow you to keep charging.

If the opponet jumps over a boom typically they have something that can beat/trade whatever it is that you have. Generally you want to throw booms when you are far away or when you are close enough so that jumping over them on reaction is hard. Also if their jump is long enough to go totally over you throwing a boom is generally pretty safe. Throwing a boom at max low rh distance generally doesn’t accomplish too much because they can often just jump over and force you to block. Depends on who you are fighting of course.

The shotos can DP or even just low short between hits of the low rh if they are close enough. Pretty much the only time to use his low sweep is if they jump at you from the right distance. Even if you hit them with the first part of the sweep by the time you finish they will be about to get up off the ground and you can’t follow with much. Not a good move.

If you have the FK charged, use it. Jumping up with an attack might be ok from some ranges, not if they are too close to you though.


Forgive me, but I don’t see how you cannot throw a boom if they are in range to jump… Don’t get me wrong, You can’t just throw them like a moron, but I don’t understand how you can NEVER throw a boom when they’re in that range.

Let’s say I’m ahead in life, and just outside of c.forward range. Guile is crouching. Couldn’t I just wait there? If he’s not going to throw a boom, he has to come at me and lose his charge for everything meaning I can jump anyhow? If they’re any closer, certain characters can try hitting you as you throw the boom anyhow right?

So you only throw a boom outside of combo/meaty when they’re a full screen away and when they’re close enough that they will jump into the boom… that can’t be right?


If you throw a boom at Vega from just outside say low forward range he will just over every time and either hit you or force you to block. Dhalsim will either jump and drill or rh slide under it. Shotos will jump and do an early rh kick, etc.

Against someone like Chun you can throw the boom then walk forward, and if she jumps you can walk under her. It depends on the character, but generally throwing from a step or two outside of low forward range doesn’t do much for you.


ok, Vega and Sim are givens… I have eaten those counters enough to know. But i don’t fear the shoto RH. If I know it’s coming early, couldn’t I just duck it? I don’t mind the trade, and he can’t combo me if he hits me clean and I can always go for sac-throw… I guess it’s character specific? Maybe I have to rethink my guile, i dunno.

Know where I can get some vids of that crazy Jap Guile player in action? :slight_smile:


You could duck the shoto RH if you knew when it was going to be thrown out, but the timing will vary. If you take the rh and try to sac throw they can tech pretty easily in that case, or go for low shorts or dp when they land to make life difficult. Ken can use jump fierce and 2-in-1 into a hurricane. In the end you probably break even. Not bad if you are ahead and want to whittle them down, but not a great strategy in general. There are better things you can do.

It is very character specific, it all depends on the distance and what anti-airs of yours can beat or trade favorably with whatever they have.

Against say Balrog if he is outside his headbutt range you can make him jump and stand rh (if O. Guile) his jump-in for an even trade, then throw another boom and force him to block. Not a terrible deal. But against say Honda if his splash or jump short or rh beats your AA you are in big trouble. (Kids, it’s time for “practice your reversal!”)


Oi…I broke my controller( threw it too the ground when dying for the fifth time against fei long:bluu: ) So does anyone any good controllers for the pc?

Oh and by the way, thanks for the help!:smiley:


Oh by the way, how do you pick the orginal Guile? I was looking at a faq in GameFaqs and they weren’t so clear on how to do it. Thanks again.



after i throw a boom i guess i have 2 options; 1) to charge another one or 2) to follow the boom with a poke. i guess the first uses the boom as a sort of annoyance or an attempt to provoke a reaction from the opponent (FK if the jump, etc), while the second uses it more as a shield to try and get pokes in safely. nearly every time i go for a boom though, i do #2 (tho not on shotos usually). now i’ve heard the priority on his c.FK has been raped on all sides so i don’t know if this is such a good idea (dunno bout O Guile). what games could Guile use #1 more than #2? in ST, which of the 2 more aptly describes Guile?


Ok then… So you can throw booms if you have reasonable answers for their jump. I do see where you are coming from… but it’s confusing when you read people saying “throw booms like mad” and then its “don’t throw booms”.

As for the Sac-throw being stopped by low shorts… :eek:

Glass: Against Bison, one funny thing to try is to throw your boom, and when he jumps nail him with a flash kick. He would have to jump after you throw the boom in reaction, and you have to charge right… but you get to act like CPU Guile. :slight_smile:


Old Guile: press jab once, then the joystick motion: up, down, down, down, then press jab again. You’ll know when you picked him when you hear him say sonic boom, and his color turns from purple to green.

By the way, just stick to N. Guile, you don’t need O.Guile


anyone know how to combo cross up, mk, flash kick super?