SSF2T HD Matchmaking thread for OUTSIDE the USA

This thread is for people trying to matchmake with the limited number of lucky people from outside the US region who have downloaded and are playing HD Remix. e.g: PSN users from the Asia, European (NZ/Australia) regions.

For us to get a game with decent ping with US players is a bitch. So until HD Remix gets released in our store and we get a decent amount of local players. this might be a good option to get some good matches in.

So post your PSN name, Country (very important), And characters used if you like.

PSN: CptMunta
Country: New Zealand (So can play Australia, South Asia, etc)
Characters: At the mo: Guile, Bison, Chunners (all fairly poorly)

good luck with this CptMunta, SCEE stung alot of people and with various release dates flying around plus the unknown factor of if the game will be region locked, some die hards wont spend the money twice for one format (ps3) version.

i hope enough people bought it so you can get some matches though.

I got a quite a few smooth games happening tonight. As far as I can tell the game isn’t region locked. I was playing pings from 100 to 250 without too many issues.

I was getting alot of random disconnects though. I think the game just kicks you if your ping is too high.

But you are totally right about SCEE and the whole region approval process being a pain in the ass. I was lucky enough to get the game via gameshare. I hope some more people join the cause :wgrin:

Really annoyed with SCEE right now, sigh.
Cant wait til release though, will be in on this for sure.

I bought a 360 for this game, NZism chaps have a few good games pretty much every night so far :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know this is a worthless post, but hopefully the PSN release is good, because the game is awesome :slight_smile:

Classic :rofl:

At least some kiwis are getting into the game even though most of us PSN users are out in the cold. :shake:

I’ve been having a blast playing online vs American players. It’s been playing pretty much like a semi decent ggpo connection to the states. Some jittering for 3 seconds or so at the start of the round then, not perfect but still very very playable.

It is worth the effort of doing the longwinded purchasing or gamesharing mission for PSN people outside the US I reckon.

That said, I doubt the Euro code will get approved anytime soon with all the bugs plaguing the PSN version, lots of random disconnects etc… I really hope it does pass though. If it’s this much fun playing the US it’s going to be power awesome to play locals!n:woot:

PSN: Thenarus
Country: Okinawa Japan
Weapons of Choice: Mostly Blanka, Chun Li, and Cammy, but I’ll play everyone on the roster.
Controller: Saturn USB (padsex)

ANYONE NEARBY PLZ APPLY PLZ. I regularly play opponents with pings over 200, it’s ass. (Thanks again to fireballtrap for being an awesome exception!)

Hey CptMunta, saw you online last night playing SF2:HD remix and got all jealous :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check out gameshare now.

PSN: Howiefied
Country: Adelaide, Australia
Weapons of Choice: Ken, Chun, Akuma, Balrog, Blanka
Controller: Sanwa Modded Hori FS2, & Happ Modded PS2 controller w/ PS3 Converter.

No prob, we need to play again. I’ve been busy, when’s good for you?

So yeah, I live in Japan, I like this game. Let us play with no lag.

Tag’s Fireballtrap. Gogogogogo.

Located in sydney, Australia. Anyone aus/nz feel free to add me on PSN (user = Nick727)

Just found this thread - god knows we need it with the delayed EU release :mad:

Add me if you’re in Aus or NZ! :tup:
PSN: jonspanki
Country: Australia

Is this game out for Japan and Asia yet?

I want to play:annoy:.

Is this game out for Japan and Asia yet?

I want to play:annoy:.

PSN: Altf4z
loc: Australia

PSN: geneterror666
Location: New Zealand

Thanks for this thread CptMunta, I’ll add everyone here when I get home tonight.

PSN: ethnicscrap
Location: Philippines

PSN: acku80

Yes it is, it’s on the Hong Kong store (and every other Asia store I’m guessing, except Japan). For people interested they can get HK PSN cards from Play-asia or try and see if their credit card works on that store.


Another Oceanian here… from Syd Oz.

PSN ID: Spukee

Nerima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Characters: my main is E. Honda, my other decent characters: Akuma, Vega, Guile, Bison
If you’re not really on my level (no offense) I will play damn near everybody else.

Connection: Really smooth. I get very few “rollback” or teleporty matches. I play mostly with Americans and haven’t really got a lag complaint.

Friend list and invite me if you like.