SSF2T HD Remix (360 Owners Only) Thread

Thread for the game that’s coming out tomorrow. Post general gaming experiences in here.

Can we post Gamer Tags? mine is Urizen666 and my brother’s is Newwaverap

I dont even know why but im gonna get this game 2 morrow or Thursday… maybe it’ll be good practice for sf4.

gamertag is in below the avatar for who ever wants to play a bad pad player :bluu:

Please add me peeps! I am bobbypigo.

Add me for some mediocre competition!

iM n YoUr HoMe - Feel free to add me.

any idea at what time will this be released?

Demon Hyo 17. Add me if you want to get some games in sometime.

Tha Deezo

Look forward to doing battle with you guys! :woot:

You can also see my tag, I’ ll be getting the game as soon as it’s released (in a few minutes hopefully).
Looking forward to challenges, especially from Europeans (yeah I’m hoping for a lagless experience).

Add me or I’ll see you guys online. Also I’ll be using pad since my stick is broke :shake:.

I thought that it would be already out as somebody said that it would be released at 8 gmt but it’s like 8:10 now and it’s not out. Maybe it’s coming out at 10 gmt?
Sucks, I slept for like 5 hours.

gt: ShortShortThrow

Man, this game is so sick. I have never been so stoked about a fighting game. This is so freakin fun, you have no idea.

Pretty much every player is capable of winning. I’m loving this.

I was downloading the game and it got to 55% then my net disconnected, so then when i reconnected again i wanted to resume the download but it keeps saying pending, so then i deleted the file and tried to start again but still says pending, anyone know what the reason is? i can’t get anything to download now.


Im dying at work for another 5 and a half hoursa!!!

I cant wait to go home and play!

Hit me up via Chibi Death for some games, playing on a friend’s xb360

gt on the left