SSF2T HD Remix Appreciation Udon and Backbone

I want to take the time and thank Udon, Backbone, David Sirlin and all the developers, composers that made this great game and in serving the FGC.
Udon for the magnificent artwork. David Sirlin and the team for the hard work, along with receiving feedback suggestions from the community. You guys were amazing.

Heck I would like to reach out to donate.
I still play this along with the Dreamcast version. A+ work

Ah man, I could see the flame war already if this was a made a few years back. Good times.

I wish sirlin still played the game. I’ve never had the chance to play him!

I suppose I should be thankful my pokedex is as complete as it is. If it weren’t for HDR, I never would have had the privilege of playing all the excellent players that I have over the years.

Yeah, I think I do owe sirlin my heartfelt and unironic thanks. Easily as much as I owe it to all the awesome players I’ve met and fought and learned from over the years

Thanks, guys! You rock.