SSF2T HD Remix Classic Mode aka ST


I’m looking for players who want to play classic mode aka ST. Add me if you want to play ST. I’m on mostly at nights.


I’ll play ST. Especially since I don’t play on GGPO. Hit me up!


yeah i don’t play on ggpo anymore because i suspect my input is getting dropped and half my moves don’t come out.

this game has worse lag but at least my moves come out.



Send me a friend request, I hate the HDR characters so if you ever wanna make a room add me as a friend and just send an invite when you see me online.


ultra42 add me, I don’t have a PS3 stick right now so if you don’t mind Claw cheese I’m down.


Add me as well. I’d love to get some classic ST in on something besides GGPO.


add me to. freeway230. I love classic mode


This is my game. hit me up bro


add me… now i only play on classic mode. also you can find me on ggpo amd supercade.

i’m pretty inconsistent on footsies, spacing, zoning and reversals since i’m using stick, i still have a long way to go.


Id be happy to play on classic on psn. It’ll be something different for a change. Hope to see you all soon.


im down


I’ll play sometime if we can get a date/time set up. I am unable to even play GGPO on this computer for some reason, so classic ST is gonna have to be my drug :stuck_out_tongue: