SSF2T HD Remix in Japan/Asian areas

I was playing on GGPO last night against a Japanese person who spoke English and used to live here so I asked him some things.

One of them is that if he knew what HD Remix was because I haven’t heard ANY news of a Japanese or Korean or any other kind of release for it and it turns out he had not heard of the game period. I told him what it was but I was just astounded that they haven’t gotten it yet.

Anyone know why? Legal or Capcom is a lazy mofo?

They got it right before the Europeans I believe. But very late as well. I’m pretty sure I fought some JPs early in the morning. Lots of lag, weird names…

yeah i think the european ps3 release was about a month ago … end of february 2009 … better late than never …

euros bought the game before the “official” release… with US registered accounts

considering #1 player is a japanese player (jodim from GGPO)… dunno if HDR is THAT unknown

I’m sure that they know about HDR as much as we know about TvC…

Edit: Jodim is on HDR. T.Akiba is making hit box frames from the games training mode for classic characters. And I’ve seen people with Japanese names on XBL and PSN.

19th actually. The day before SFIV hit Europe. It was amusing but still SCEE shouldn’t have delayed it that long. Not sure if we had the patch early too because I tried playing HDR the day after I bought it (which was well past Feb 19th) and the next day I had to download something for it, which was 303mb (the same size as the game itself)

True. For legal reasons TVC will probably never be released here and Japanese aren’t into anything that wasn’t made in Japan. Although they do wish that they invented baseball.

The guy that’s #1 on Live is a japanese who swears that Akuma is fine and that we should show him otherwise. I’d really like to see him and Damdai trying to prove their points against each other in game someday.

I guess an air fireball and a teleport still put Akuma in a league of his own?

A bit out of the loop, what is Damdai saying?

hdr was released on asian psn store a month ago or so

I heard Muteki and a few others have been playing it hardcore…

Akuma’s already been banned for evo, damdai stopped playing him because he knew what was going to happen.

Or I assume he did. He stopped plying him in any case.