SSF2T HD Remix (PS3 Owners Only)

ok this is for future matchmaking
soon as this game hits we have to start up a SRK room so put your ps tag, the character your gonna use and what type of pad or stick you are using.

PSN NAME : ChronicDynasty
CHARACTERS: Deejay, Bison, Balrog, Sagat and Ken
WHAT YOU USE TO PLAY: ps3 pad/getting stick soon

ID- dbostick
characters- Blanka, Dee Jay, Honda, Ryu, Ken, O-Sagat
instruments of attempted pwnage- PS2 pad or Tekken 5 stick

Gotta wait till this summer, though.

ID - Just got the machine (will edit later)
characters - Dee Jay, Guile, BOXER
weapon - HRAP2 on pelican or VSHG.

Whats up dude? u may have heard my name from, you know, the other forum of the other thing that i cant say the name here. I just got a PS3, im here for the same reason as you “System Failure” (if you know what i mean), and a lot of scrubs, so i guess im gonna be playing SF HD Remix here on PS3.

CHARACTERS: Zangief, T. Hawk, Vega(Claw), and last Sagat.
PS3: i hate pads, so im doing the necessary to get a PS3 Joystick.

PSN NAME: Sticky12
CHARACTERS: boxer, sagat
WEAPON:HRAP2 via pelican adapter

whats sup man. Didn’t know you had a ps3!!! i will add you. yeah man i had to get away from the xbox live crying scrubsthey were annoying lol

ID- Dj-Clayface
Characters- O.Sagat, Zangief, Vega(claw)
Weapon- HRAP

PSN NAME : Raiken05
CHARACTERS: Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Guile

name- ChrisLionheart
playing- Honda, Ryu, Ken, Dic, DeeJay
using- Pad and my new Hrap2 with adapter

PSN NAME : CaliKorleone
CHARACTERS: Cammy, Ryu, Ken, Guile
WHAT YOU USE TO PLAY: stock PS3 controller

Tag: True_Logos
Chars: Boxer, T. Hawk, Fei Long
Controller: PS2 stick (Pelican converter)

CHARACTERS: Blanka, Claw, Ryu, Ken, Akuma (if he’s tweaked and legal)

PSN NAME: shdwtorn
CHARACTERS: Cammy, Fei-Long
WHAT YOU USE TO PLAY: PS3 controller, PS2 controller or a T5 Stick.

I was just wondering how the lag is on the PSN compared to XBL. I’m still debating where I should play this game. Thanks.

well it depends on how your gonna connect to the psn like if you have wireless and you test your connection and you get nat type 3 it will lag a bit. but if you get nat type 2 its runs smooth same with nat type 1. wired connection is the best solution.

and also the psn is free :wgrin:

im thinking of getting 360 instead of ps3, even tho ps3online is free, ive heared that xbl is much better than psonline…

lol, “what you use to play” :rofl:

yeah xbox live is better but the 360 console itself has loads of problems thats why i got rid of mine. I sent mine off 3 red lights then got it back 3 red lights again, the 360 fan is way too loud lol, you have to buy a new stick for the 360 or you can get the xfps which has major input delay for ps2 sticks and the xbox 360 also crashes a lot.
Even tho xbox live is better if you just play street fighter it doesn’t really matter which console to get unless your willing to pay $50/40 a year for xbox live. Cause xbox live consentrates on there big tittles more that the arcade ones
HF netcode is soo horrible lol

I will only play on original mode not remix, and I’m also not sure which system to get it on.

I have a hard time playing HF due to the 360 controller. But matchmaking is so easy many more people with 360’s.

But it doesnt matter if there is no non-remixed mode I wont be buying it on either. Maybe if a friend shares on PSN, then yea.

PSN Handle: SilverwingsX2
Charas: Sagat, Ken, Blanka, Guile, Ryu
Stick or Pad?: Pad but not for long. try to get a Hori real arcade:woot:

another queation. what are you people think, how many buy SFHD on PSN and how many on XboxLive???
i got an PS3 and hope theres not so many people that buy the Xbox version. but if the Xbox Online servece is better, it will be the better choice to buy the XBox version.
especially in an Beat em Up its important to play lag-free. but it seems the PSN have a few problems there.
hope it will better until SFHD come.:sad: