SSF2T HD Remix Tournament - Monday July 20th 2009

PSN SSF2T HD Remix Tournament - Pool Play w/ Single Elimination Bracket

Organizer: PSN: TitanArch / SRK: Titan Arch
Date: Monday, July 20th
Time: 11PM Eastern, 10PM Central, 9PM Mountain, 8PM Pacific
Official Time:

Signups: Closes one hour prior to start. Specify PSN and up to two characters in this forum. I’ll keep track of no shows!
Restrictions: North America only, please. Matches must be played using character from signup list. Akuma is not allowed.

Format: Round robin pool play followed by single elimination bracket. 8 player minimum, 24 player maximum.
Pool Play: Two to four pools will be formed, each with between 4 and 6 players. Each player will play TWO OR THREE 3-ROUND games against the other players in their pool for a total of 8-10 games. 4 Player Pools: 3 games against 3 opponents for a total of 9 games. 5 Player Pools: 2 games against 4 opponents for a total of 8 games. 6 Player Pools: 2 games against 5 opponents for a total of 10 games.
Advancing from Pool Play: Ideally, we will have four pools with the top 2 finishers from each pool advancing to the bracket, but there are other possibilities depending on the number of players. Pool results will be used to develop a rough bracket seeding. 1st Tiebreaker: head-to-head result. 2nd tiebreaker: one 3-round game.
Bracket Play: Single elimination. Each match is BEST OF THREE 3-ROUND GAMES. Finals match is BEST OF FIVE 3-ROUND GAMES.

My goal is to provide a pool play schedule prior to tournament start, but no-shows could make that a problem. I’m intrigued by the pool play aspect, although I might ditch it in favor of a double elimination bracket.


  1. I have added the Tournament Practices and Protocol below, as well as a sample pool play schedule.
  2. Added MMP item #8.
  3. Video recording: Each player may or may not give consent to have their match recorded by the opponent or with a recording spectator (which may add lag). If you want to record your own match, just check with your opponent. I’m no lawyer, but it is better to ask for permission first than it is to ask for forgiveness later.
  4. Set maximum player limit to 24.

Pool Play Status: LINK REMOVED
Elimination Bracket:

Winner: dbostick (E. Honda, Dee Jay) def. RenoMD (E. Honda), 3-2.
Match Video: [media=youtube]8k3ymOnJaqE[/media]

Tournament Entries (PSN - characters):

  2. deadpool_zero - E. Honda, Boxer - POOL A 2ND PLACE
  3. dbostick - Dee Jay, E. Honda - POOL A 1ST PLACE
  4. ktm0066 - Dhalsim - POOL C 2ND PLACE
  5. FallingEdge - E. Honda
  6. djreign78 - Cammy, Blanka
  8. SakamotoRyuu - Fei Long, Ryu
  9. (Coth_X - Ken) NO SHOW, DID EMAIL
  10. sait0uski - Boxer
  11. pacloc - Dhalsim, Ryu
  12. (Halfrohalfamazin - Ryu) NO SHOW
  13. Lone82Wolf - Dee Jay, Chun Li
  14. (Shin00bism - Claw, E. Honda) WITHDREW DUE TO CONNECTION PROBLEMS
  15. flako2nd - Chun Li - POOL B 2ND PLACE
  16. Str8crazy87 - E. Honda, Blanka - POOL D 1ST PLACE 9-0
  17. XxUltimacloudxX - Sagat, E. Honda
  18. GabbSDF - Ken, Ryu
  19. kingj97 - Claw - POOL B 1ST PLACE
  20. RenoMD - E. Honda, Boxer - POOL C 1ST PLACE
  21. (binstone - Dee Jay, Sagat) NO SHOW WAS LAST SIGN UP, TOO
    sign up is closed!

Scratched Players
djmassif - Boxer
SFstrikers - Dee Jay, Blanka

Tournament Time Best Practices [TTBP]

  1. You must be online, attentive, and ready to play from the tournament time start until you are eliminated.
  2. Tournament organizer will create at least one PSN text chat and invite participants. It is not mandatory that you join, but it is highly recommended for match making and results reporting.
  3. To minimize delays, please do not play other games (HDR or otherwise) while you are still alive in the tournament.
  4. Once the matchup schedule is available, you may complete matches prior to official start. Forfeits won’t be enforced until official start, but otherwise please follow tournament protocol.
  5. In the absence of a specific rule or guideline, the tournament organizer will use common sense (and so should the players).

Match Making Protocol [MMP]

  1. Contact your opponent(s) via PSN messages or text chat and determine who will host and invite.
  2. If the opponent does not respond, contact tournament organizer to begin 10-minute forfeit timer.
  3. Create a lobby with the required number of slots (all private), and invite the opponents. Be sure to use the correct round settings!
  4. If an opponent cannot connect to the host, try having the problem player create the lobby and send invites.
  5. If players still cannot connect, they must restart their PS3 System (not just exit the game) and retry steps 3 and 4.
  6. If a player still cannot establish a connection, contact tournament organizer who will create a lobby and invite the players.
  7. If one person can join and the other cannot, the bugged user unfortunately must forfeit. If both users cannot join then both users forfeit. There will be a 10 minute timer on this process.
  8. Note: Using invites for match making is not required, but it usually makes the process go more quickly. If you have problem using invites to join games, then the host should start the game as a public lobby. The joining player can use the lobby search filter feature to show only lobbies with the specified number of players (typically 2).

Character Selection Protocol [CSP]

  1. If the tournment signup specifies a player character list, each player must select a character from that list only. Restart the match or ignore the result if an invalid character is selected (the invalid character ought to stand by and get flogged!).
  2. For the first game in a match, each player must pick the first character from the signup list.
  3. For subsequent games, the prior game winner must pick same character and the prior game loser may change characters.

Results Reporting Protocol [RRP]

  1. Notify tournament organizer immediately after match conclusion.
  2. The preferred reporting location will be via PSN message and tournament text chat room (see TTBP #2).
  3. Match reporting requirements (match result, game result, round result) may vary by tournament format. Be sure to report the correct information.
  4. Incomplete results reporting can result in forfeit.
  5. Match results will be posted on SRK forum thread, or other web document as announced by tournament organizer.

Some of the items listed in the Practices and Protocol sections were based on those stated by eltwopee ( Forums) in June 2009.

SakamotoRyuu - Fei Long, Ryu.

Damn, I wish I could get home from work early enough for this.

I would enter but…

Good luck to those that do.

Thank you greatly, Titan, I’ve only been able to participate in a few of these kind of tourneys because of my work schedule. I’ll be sure to buy Joose on that day.

Dude sign me up.

I’ll play ken. No way I’m gonna pull out my piss poor fei for this lol.

i’m in.


Signup list updated. I’ve got most of you on my friends list already - I will request those who are not.

I’ll be online tonight and plan on trying out some pool play match logistics with 3 or 4 more players. If you’re willing to help me out for about 30-45 minutes I would appreciate it.

Sign me up titan, with the sim-sta.

good luck all.

Id like to enter.


Cammy, Chun lets get it.

Sign me up. I’ll be using Dee Jay…

Of course you would :crybaby:, Hey titan make sure I don’t have to fight True Old School too soon. :smile:

EDIT: I won’t be able to make this one.

Put me up for Claw, but just as an FYI, I’m confused by this tournament set up. The whole two-OR-three round game thing.

Originally, I posted lot of basic tournament rules and information about the pool play. I decided to remove it so that people would not be intimidated by information (and exposition) overload.

Let’s revisit the pool play heading from above. You have to read between the lines a little, but all the information is there:

Pool Play: Two to four pools will be formed, each with between 4 and 6 players. Each player will play TWO OR THREE 3-ROUND games against the other players in their pool for a total of 8-10 games.

4 Player Pools: 3 games against 3 opponents = 9 games.
5 Player Pools: 2 games against 4 opponents = 8 games.
6 Player Pools: 2 games against 5 opponents = 10 games.

I need to balance the total time it takes to play all pool play matches against the number of matches required to reach a meaningful result.

Compared to the last tournament (by eltwopee), it will take longer because of the pool play. But, I think will be worthwhile to everyone because they will be active during that time. No one-and-done and no byes. I feel that is a great incentive and it should lead into a full and well-seeded bracket.

Hope this helps. I’ll post more details over the weekend.

sign me up. Ill be using chun li

I have added the tournament practices and protocol in the original post. I will be sending reminder messages to those who have signed up - let me know here or privately if you can’t make it. If you want to play there is still time.

XxUltimacloudxX - Sagat/E Honda