SSF2T HD Remix Tournament - Monday July 27th 2009

The main tactic I like to use now in IV is to crouch jab a person when they are on wake up to force them into block stun, then throw them and repeat. Yeah, this is so freakin’ cheap, I love it.

But, I know high level players can break that throw tactic consistently.

I’m not fantastic at this but sign me up: PSN:Merkilo

I dont want to hijack this thread. But I think you should play more because you were wrong in a lot of your points. And this is coming from an HDR player :chat:

Well not every ultra/super was free through wakeup fireballs, but not being able to throw a wakeup fireball because I hit them too many times pissed me off. Tatsus did go through hadokens from what I remember, and I don’t like ryu and sagat, although guile had good booms. I was a ken player and his hado sucks. Perhaps it was going from hdr ken to sfiv ken, and it feeling like they threw him out of a plane into a pile of nerf bats.

What points are “wrong”?

On topic, I might bring fei. I don’t know yet, I don’t feel dextrous enough with him yet.

Yo, there is a thread about this over on Sirlin’s site:

Sorry for that small disturbance. :frowning:

I read through that thread, and I still agree with alot of what sirlin said. IDK maybe if there is a SFIV community at college, I’ll try it again. Just not likely with the online. Same reason I dropped SCIV.

The irc browser worked for me, I just tested it, so everything’s good on my end.

what the hell sign me up for this one as well…

Shaping up to a be another tough draw for everyone involved.

That’s why I’m practicing all weekend.

I’m off monday so i’ll definitely be able to practice before. Titan I’ll be on at least by 9pm cst, so we can get any last minute questions out of the way.

Whats up. sign me up as vega. SlipHole79.:cool:

Titan, I’ll give this another go.

PSN ID: SakamotoRyuu

SlipHole79: I did get your messages on PSN, I’ve just been crazy busy this weekend.

The entries list is up-to-date and I’ll be sending reminders today.

BTW, the finals match from last week’s tournament is here: [media=youtube]8k3ymOnJaqE[/media]

Big thanks for all the help from rice247 to make that possible.

Cool. this is my first time doing this. How does it work. Do you have to be online on this site, or just on psn on the 27th?

I don’t plan on using this site during the tournament time – we need something real-time. If you can use the Webchat IRC as listed in the first post you’ll be in good shape, otherwise let me know via PSN that you are online and I’ll invite you to a text chat. I strongly prefer IRC since I expect most players to be there. Basically, you’ll be playing at least two 1v1 matches, so you just need to make the match, play the match, and report the results. I’ll be updating an online bracket so you can figure out who you play next.

Cool. I just went to your link to that IRC Webchat and figured out how to use it. Sorry im not too computer literet. Ill be on by 10:30 Eastern. Will you still use the psn text chat even with the IRC Webchat? And where can i find the online bracket? Thanks for being patient with me. Just dont want to miss my turn to play. Again its my first time doing this.

The bracket link will be posted in this forum 30 minutes before start. I might change the first round matchups if there are no shows, but I’m not quite sure what the timing will be. I might give you 'til 5 after to show up before I decide to reshuffle, or you might just get kicked to the loser’s bracket. DQ for sure at quarter after.

Tournament Timeline

I have added some tournament timeline information to the original post.

Will the bracked be posted in the OP?

I have determined that the best practice is to update the original post and then bump the thread with a new post stating what has changed in the original post.

I had a lot of Monday signups last week, and I need to check for PSN messages when I get home.

I’d almost rather not post the bracket until I can account for no shows at start time, but I know everyone will want to see it ahead of time. Just know that it might change slightly.