SSF2T HD Remix Tournament - Monday September 7th 2009

PSN SSF2T HD Remix Tournament - Double Elimination Bracket

Organizer: PSN: TitanArch / Titan Arch / TitanArch
Date: Monday, September 7.
Time: 11PM Eastern, 10PM Central, 9PM Mountain, 8PM Pacific.

NOTE: It’s your responsibility to know the rules. Don’t sign up if you can’t remember them.

1st: RenoMD
2nd: Halfrohalfamazin
3rd: Hadouken696969
4th: suken19
5th: AFromatic1234, Miggs79
7th: djreign78, ktm0066
9th: GNX84, Str8crazy87, TecmoSuperBowl, VIIXIII
13th: dbostick, KevinSorbo, SlipHole79, welcome2troyland

Format: Double elimination bracket. 8 player minimum, 32 player maximum.
Matches: Best of three 3-round games.
Restrictions: Winner sticks to character. Akuma is not allowed.

Signups: North America only, please. Specify PSN Gamertag. Closes one hour prior to start. I’ll keep track of no shows!
Reminders: I will send reminders via private message one day prior to the event.

Tournament Chat: Please add me as a PSN Friend so that I can invite you to a PSN text chat room.

Seeding: A players’ past tournament performance, reputation (best of lists), and my own judgement will be used for seeding. I may privately ask other players for input. I reserve the right to realign the bracket so that byes due to no-shows go to the higher seeds, therefore playing matches prior to official start is discouraged. Good tournament standing means better seeding in later tournaments!

Tournament Entries

  1. Titan Arch
  2. dbostick
  3. chrnoxx
  4. AFromatic1234
  6. Hadouken696969
  7. Halfrohalfamazin
  8. Welcome2Troyland
  9. GNX84
  10. djreign78
  11. SlipHole79
  12. Str8crazy87
  13. flako2nd
  14. Casual__Player
  15. Igotdembombs
  16. KevinSorbo
  17. pacloc
  18. smokey_joker
  19. Flashfan7
  20. RenoMD
  21. sOcK_U_uP
  22. djmassif
  23. suken19
  24. T-Bone288
  25. ktm0066
  26. BloodyRedrum01
  27. Moonchilde
  28. TecmoSuperBowl
  29. rice247
  30. Vegas_HunnyBunny
    — wating list —
  31. unsafermike2002

T-60 minutes: Signups close.
T-30 minutes: Initial bracket posted.
T-15 minutes: Know the match format and protocol before the tournament starts!
T-5 minutes: Join IRC or send me message on PSN for text chat.
T-0 minutes: Official start.
T+5 minutes: I’ll review the no show line up and make minor matchup changes. I don’t want to have BYEs go to those in the bottom half of the draw, so I may shift a few players to fill that gap. No shows are bumped to Loser’s bracket. Do 1st round matches.
T+15 minutes: 1st round matches complete. No shows are DQd. Do 1st round in Loser’s & 2nd round in Winner’s.
The rest will just flow from who wins or loses, and whatever other problems crop up.

The fine print…

Tournament Time Best Practices [TTBP]

  1. You must be online, attentive, and ready to play from the tournament time start until you are eliminated.
  2. Use your favorite IRC client to join EFnet channel #hdremix. New IRC users can use the browser-based EFnet IRC Network Web Chat client. Nickname = Your PSN Gamertag and Channel = #hdremix. Try this out prior to the tournament. If you can’t use IRC, it is your responsibility to contact me via PSN so I can invite you to a text chat room. It is not mandatory that you join, but it is highly recommended for match making and results reporting, and so that other players can communicate with you.
  3. To minimize delays, please do not play other games (HDR or otherwise) while you are still alive in the tournament.
  4. For bracket play, do not complete matches prior to tournament start.
  5. In the absence of a specific rule or guideline, the tournament organizer will use common sense (and so should the players).

Match Making Protocol [MMP]

  1. Contact your opponent(s) via PSN messages or text chat and determine who will host and invite.
  2. If the opponent does not respond, contact tournament organizer to begin 10-minute forfeit timer.
  3. Create a lobby with the required number of slots (all private), and invite the opponents. Be sure to use the correct round settings!
  4. If an opponent cannot connect to the host, try having the problem player create the lobby and send invites.
  5. If players still cannot connect, they must restart their PS3 System (not just exit the game) and retry steps 3 and 4.
  6. If a player still cannot establish a connection, contact tournament organizer who will create a lobby and invite the players.
  7. If one person can join and the other cannot, the bugged user unfortunately must forfeit. If both users cannot join then both users forfeit. There will be a 10 minute timer on this process.
  8. Note: Using invites for match making is not required, but it usually makes the process go more quickly. If you have problem using invites to join games, then the host should start the game as a public lobby. The joining player can use the lobby search filter feature to show only lobbies with the specified number of players (typically 2).

Character Selection Protocol [CSP]

  1. If the tournment signup specifies a player character list, each player must select a character from that list only. Restart the match or ignore the result if an invalid character is selected (the invalid character ought to stand by and get flogged!).
  2. For the first game in a match, each player must pick the first character from the signup list.
  3. For subsequent games, the prior game winner must pick same character and the prior game loser may change characters.

Results Reporting Protocol [RRP]

  1. Notify tournament organizer immediately after match conclusion.
  2. The preferred reporting location will be via PSN message and tournament IRC or text chat room (see TTBP #2).
  3. Match reporting requirements (match result, game result, round result) may vary by tournament format. Be sure to report the correct information.
  4. Incomplete results reporting can result in forfeit.
  5. Match results will be posted on SRK forum thread, or other web document as announced by tournament organizer.

Some of the items listed in the Practices and Protocol sections were based on those stated by eltwopee ( Forums) in June 2009.

Previous Tournaments
Thursday August 20th
Monday July 27th
Monday July 20th

Im in, sign me please

i think it’s time for me to join a srk tourny and show u why I IS THE BESTEST. sign me up and sign Hadouken696969 as well

Man, I like to see what all the hub-bub is about! This is really awesome that you’re keeping the online tourneys alive on the PSN!!! Props…

Titan, I’ll throw up another post if I’m going to enter. I gotta see what my schedule is like.

If I join, don’t stick me against Afromatic in the 1st round again. That was bullcrap. I hate being sent to the losers bracket right away.

/\ hahah!

Looks like I will be good to enter this time around. And Ill take afromatic first round, battle for the fro.


In the case of AFromatic1234, I had no idea he would put such run on folks. He was clearly better than everyone else. That you were matched vs. him was a tough draw, but someone had to play him first. I know that losing the first match is tough to accept.

Put yourself in the situation of building the bracket… I’m trying to be objective by using tournament performance to slot the top players, rather than subjectively granting certain player wishes or choosing character matchups. Players I know nothing about are truly a shot in the dark. There’s only so much that can be done without creating obvious imbalance within the bracket.

I’m no expert and I’m figuring out what works as I go along. If you have suggestions, feel free to send them privately (or post here) and I will consider them.

You can add me. I’m not expecting too much though as the connection doesn’t seem as good as 360. This should be a good learning experience as I am still learning.

PSN ID: Welcome2troyland
Central standard time

hey titan sign me up for this one please!

ps; i will fight afromatic in the first round if no one else wants too…LoL I’m **NOT ** scared:nono:
plus it would be sweet to send him to the losers bracket early

Ill play afro, he uses ryu right? after playing choi, I think i got the ryu fight down =)

Go for it eltwopee. I’ve never played a Ryu like his before. Most Ryu’s will sit back and try to zone my Rog out, but this dude is just all over the place. He likes to hurricane kick, into a dragon punch. Or when he has his Super filled, he will hurricane kick into his Super. He’s very unpredictable. It’s like trying to play catch with a dog that is high on meth.

You never know what the hell he is gonna do next.

Ah, I must prepare extensively on GGPO; decent Ryus are usually prevalent there. I saw some of Afromatic’s stuff on Youtube and it’s very good.

lot of tactics from ST.

In the 7/27 tournament, I moved **LOOSECHANGE **way up because I had played him recently. I didn’t get a chance to scout any of the new players for 8/20. Obviously, Googling for **AFromatic1234 **would have been helpful even though he was a pretty late entry.

Sounds fun. I got the day off so I should be fine to play. Add me

PSN is Daniel_San76

Yea Afromatic is a killa. I’ve known about him for quite some time. He showed me a thing or two on SFIV and on HDR.

Oh btw, I’m game. Sign me up.

Why not just seed randomly?

It’s not well reasoned, rational, or organized. :bgrin: I have considered it.

Did you catch when i fought him to the death and beat him? HEH HEH:pray:
But i wont lie, he beat me the 10 games before that its just funny that someone in the room recorded THAT game:razz:
Count me in titan for this one too. Cant wait to see afro and dbostick.

your tournaments are getting very popular. more and more good players are entering each one. Mister Ego Trip is also very good guile. Now all we need is Reno in to make it COMPLETELY imposible for me to win. Still want revenge on that LOOSECHANGE though from 2 tournaments ago.