SSF2T HD Remix Tournament - Monday September 7th 2009

I’ll have to send LOOSECHANGE a message on PSN – or someone else can nudge him. He’s out of the loop when it comes to forums.

Afro is a tough player, but i dont mind playing him first round. Sign me up titan

I will enter the tournament. My PSN name is Casual__Player. I have two underscores on my name.

I’ll be in this why not I’m “Igotdembombs”

Here comes a new challenger!

PSN ID: KevinSorbo

I’ll play in this one. Got to show sim some love. ps3 tag is pacloc

Damn, if this get to 32 I’ll be impressed. A lot of interest for this one and we’re still a week out. Since everything will be in a PSN text chat, it would be nice to have someone help out with recording results and announcing matches on one half of the bracket. I know some have offered to help before, and now may be the time!

Sign me up

Maybe yyou should keep it in the irc chat and do a side psn tex chat for all the people who cant use a computer. most people can use the irc chat and theres no limit on the amount of people who can be in it. theres a lot of people in this one. im just saying.

Hey I’m in. PS3 tag is binstone.

Man, looks like the best of the PSN has signed up for this one. I see halfro, afromatic1234, LOOSECHANGE, binstone, GNX84, and of course, myself :wink: hahaha. Should be an awesome tournament.

I will join (lowest seed lol) psn flashfan7

I figure I’ll try again, sign me up

yea you figure youll try again, your better than three quarters of these guys how do you think i feel.

Can’t… resist…

I haven’t joined a PSN tourney for a while… this looks fun… :pleased:

Guess the wife is going to let you play? I saw your thread about married guys playing. I suppose that’s why I don’t play constantly… a marriage needs attention and I’ve got two kids.

In a way, I feel like having kids helps with the gaming situation. After having to deal with feeding, bathing, playing, putting to bed, etc after getting home, we both like to have a little time to do our own thing.

Put me on that muhfukin list!!! Monkey king x

Sorry? =p You’re not so bad yourself, you know

This tourney is full of tough players!, too bad i can’t join =( i don’t care about being eliminated right away, but i have difficulties with the schedule.

Good luck everyone!

pit me up against ANYONE except Hadouken696969…i play that guy enough at home locally. I’d rather beat him in the finals or sumtin as opposed to the first game :slight_smile: