Please please tell me I cant be the only one who wants to play classic arcade on HDR. I just tried GGPO and there seems to be bad input lag for me and on HDR there is none so please, if you want to play classic arcade on XBL, hit me up, im gonna go on now and hopefully some decent peeps will play

if you’re down for classic games, post it here

I’ll play classic with you, sometimes GGPO is wonky for people.

I’m not great at ST, but count me in as well.

It might just be my converter. It was some cheap ps2 > usb converter and its got input lag pretty bad.

I’m always try classic before settling for remix mode,add me and I’ll play.

Im down for classic anytime… although im kinda novice,

Add me tho…

Feel free to drop me a challenge to play classic mode any time.

add me up some times i get lucky and one person joins then they quit :expressionless:

I usually throw it up whenever i’m playing Offline. add me if you want.

Yeah I always check classic games before I head over to Remix.