ssf2t in san diego?

anyone know any arcades in san diego that still have ssf2t or any older sf arcades? trying to find them but dont know of any, thanks

Theres this dj store on plaza blvd in national city that has anniversary on a cabinet. That’s the only place that I know that has it. Oh and by the way this shit is no joke, the last time I went that place had it and I got beat by 2nd stage deejay that fucker. Oh and if by any chance your going to ask if there was a good XvSF machine in SD, theres one in Video R US down the street form that dj store… just a heads up:lovin:

the only st cab i know of is willys workshop in mira mesa. its a skate shop not an arcade so i wouldnt expect any comp.

this is right next to my house.

i see it every time i go to buy L&L’s, but there’s usually nobody in there.

would be cool to get some games in there sometime.

yah i live in mira mesa and i go there alot, but its usually just the shop people playing

Yeah i went there. I know a guy that has a ST machine at his house that I used to play at. Other than that, your best bet would be HDR. I used to have a ST cab at my house but had to sell it :frowning:

IF anyone wants to play ST with me or HDR let me know…always up for learning and comp…

I’m in northwest San Diego. I’m always down to meet up and game if people are interested. I really only play HD, 3S and SF4 though.

yah im down to play st, train with others and for comp

When 4 comes out we should all meet up and game somewhere.