SSF2T: Ken Strats

SSF2T: The New Ken Thread

I figured I’d do a thread on my favorite ST character and hopefully educate and create some new Ken players out there. Feel free to ask away on anything you may want to know on Ken such:

-How do I do low short x n, super dp (even though this has been covered numerous times before)?

-Super dp, set-ups for cross-ups and quick damage.

-How to avoid getting the “wacky kicks” when playing footsie.

-Zoning and special tricks such as the low arcing hk (bullet buddah, a few you know what I mean).

-Throw strategies, follow-ups and repeated ticks.

-Character specific match-ups.

Keep in mind this thread is for “NEW” Ken. OG Ken is pretty much the same character but is played completely different. Hopefully I can give some insight regarding thigs you’ve heard or seen in vids. Feel free just to jump in and offer up your own advice as you see fit as well, I’m not the complete authority by any means.



SSF2T: The New Ken Thread

I hope you don’t mind the way I start this off then :), but what are the reasons one would want to choose new ken over old? Not looking for anything comprehensive, just whatever quickly comes to mind…

Also, besides the japanese new ken vids, is there any other good footage available that showcases new ken?


Re: SSF2T: The New Ken Thread

No biggie, that’s a legit question. First of all here’s why you would want to pick old ken:

1- Invincible dp
2- faster foot speed
3- no wacky kicks

Old Ken is a footsie god and a fb trapping bastard. He plays the old fb/dp patterns well and is overall pretty simple and effective to play.

Here’s why new Ken is better then old

1- the knee bash throw
2- super dp
3- the wacky kicks
4- throw softening

The knee bash throw does SO much damage when mashed and has hella set-ups afterwards for repeated ticks and/or mix-up combo opportunities. The super dp arguement is pretty self-explainatory, easy to land damage after low shorts or it can be a 3-hit anti-air dp, good stuf. The wacky kicks are great if you can control them, they function as combo enders, overheads, anti-airs and can put you in position after a sweep to set you up for cross-ups or whatever. The throw softening bit is obviously universal for all new characters and becomes huge in fights against characters with high throw priority.

Now, here’s what you REALLY want. If you want to see some pretty good new Ken play go here:

Pretty entertaining vids, it shows just how fast Ken can kill you.



New ken kicks combo crazy! After do attack pattern end with special kick then follow up with attacks.

41236+k this kick go through ducking opponent. After cross up go for this kick and will produce strange result. Ryu not confuse but perhaps n00b mind boggled.

236+k and 632+k hold are combo after. So in pattern of attack cancle to special hold in then say 2+roundhouse to fireballl for push out.

632+k without hold is also combo with fast attack like 2+short.

Here is strong combo vs geif
cross up roundhouse, 2+foward, 236+k hold, 236X2+p!!

link very hard time. But possible!

I here ken fuck fei like billy goat silly. but ryu fuck ken no problem. :cool:

Re: SSF2T: The New Ken Thread

I new this knucklehead would show up sooner then later. Here’s an explaination for what [it’s] talking about.

First of all, new Ken can ONLY cross up with jumping foward. And the combo described really only works on Fei Long and actually goes as folllows:
cross-up forward, low short xx fb+kick (hold kick for 2 hits), super dp.
Yes, the super dp links after the 2 hit axe kick for four extra hits but in the arcade, this only works on fei (maybe it’s different on the goofy dc version).
Against Fei, Zangief and Guile (maybe 'sim too, I’ll check) you can link a low roundhouse instead.



Re: Re: SSF2T: The New Ken Thread

why say qoute from “jms”? Perhaps miskate in forum? Acctualy you may try in training new ken may cross up with roundhouse vs geif. This combo does work vs geif. I have freind you know, perhaps if ever meet again he shall show you in person.

here’s another New Ken question:

I’ve heard that the crazy kicks can even be used to pass thru opponents for sick in-close mixup games. I think I saw something like this in one of those japan ST vids where the Ken player used one to blow through a wakeup DP. I’ve also heard that you can use QCF+K in close to pass through opponents and end up behind them. Is this true?

j.fierce xx RH spin kick land s.fierce(close) xx fierce DP

SSF2T: The New Ken Thread

pretty please? with a cherry on top?

This IS true. Check out the vids on specifically:
ken-09 of 13-ken.
Ken does the fb+kick (hold the kick button for the overhead kick) and when the opposing ken does a wake up dp, it passes thru him. I’m sure of the exact timing, and I’m pretty sure if you want you could easily throw Ken to counter this trick.
I heard of another trick emplying this tractic where your opponent actually stands up the wrong way. Apparently when the kick sprite overlaps your opponent, the game thinks your on the other side, you stand up the wrong way, and you eat a combo to your back. I have NO idea how this works, I’ve never seen it. Any know the specifics on how this works? What kind of follow ups you can use and how to set it up? We’re all ears JSJ? Maxtah, do either of you know?



Re: SSF2T: The New Ken Thread

Avoid the wacky kicks during footsie:

The traditional way to trip is SF (for me any way) is to walk forward and quickly sweep the joystick to down or down/forward + kick. !0 times out of 10 with new Ken you’ll get that worthless no-range “wacky kick” if you try and sweep this way. The way I like to sweep/low kick immediately from a walk it with a sort of “alpha counter” motion. Meaning:

back, down/back, down + kick. Obviously you can skip the back but the other two joystick points are pretty key. You can then of course buffer your low roundhose with the appropriate special. Do a roundhouse xx fb for push away pressure or roundhouse xx fb+kick to if you know your sweep will connect. This allows Ken to recover faster and helps to set up his cross-up/meaty/throw game. If you’re having difficultly buffering a fb and you get a dp rahter then a fb, slow down the motion/button press slightly, it works wonders.

The low arcing hurricane kick (bullet buddah)

This is super useful to get your self out of the corner, counter zoning games, cross up and follow up meaty fireballs.
There’s two motions I do to get the low arcing hurricane:

forward, up/foward, forward, down/foward, down, down/back, back, up/back.

this definitely doesn’t follow the laws up Bruce Lee’s economy of motion but if your a fok fan of have touble finding your diagonals, this might be up your alley.

I prefer this method:

up/foward, forward, down/foward, down, down/back, back, up/back.

Yes, I realize it’s almost the same, if you can jump forward, you can do this motion and simply quickly sweep the joystick to up/back and hit kick.
Keep in mind that the different kicks go different distances, short being the shortest distance of course.
You can set up nice sequences after a knock down with this trick:
knock down, meaty jab fb, low arcing hk + foward kick, walk forward into sweep range then step back, opponents sweep misses, step forward and do low roundhouse (with the method described above of cousrse) xx fb + kick, jump and cross up with forward kick, low short x 2 xx super dp. I know some of this is obvious but it just goes to show that it’s not really that tough to contol new Ken’s kicks if you just slightly modify traditional technique.



TarkanX I noticed you’re from MN, do you ever play with Mike M and Mike Z. It’s nice to know there might actually be other ST players out there.



I try tiger-kneeing it. well, kinda. The backwards and vertical ones are ok, but i have much difficulty doing the towards one. :frowning:

down, down-back, back, up-towards+kick I find it is much harder but, very very low and quick.

Edit: oh yeah, for those who want to try… it might be easier if you are doing something beforehand (not just standing there). Do something, then time your motion so that you are at up-towards once you are finished you move. Like, land from a jump and end you motiong at up-towards when you land… it can help prevent doing vertical/back air hurricanes.

Wes: Yeah I play with Mike M, and Mike Z, usually on Friday’s, and rarely saturdays(Mike Z usually makes up when we play).

And even though I know a lot about ST, in general, I suck, I would put my status as above Newbie level.

What’s going on Wes?

I’m embarassed to admit that I have a hell of hard time doing a jump attack into Ken’s air HK. I don’t know why the timing on that is such a bitch, but I’ve never been able to do it consistantly. Does it only buffer after j. fierce? If so, that might be part of my problem.

Actually you can buffer Ken’s hk after all of his punches. You can buffer the hk off of all of his kicks if and only if you jump straight up. Make sure you are hitting “deep” with your attack, the timing to buffer from a jumping move is fairly tight. When I mean deep I mean in proximity to your opponent not height to the ground. On taller characters if you can actaully hit them high up on their sprite and hit them with jumping fierce xx rh hk (2 hits) for a 3 hit air combo.
Note: when going for Ken’s jumping hk cheap after his knee bash throw always do jumping JAB xx hk for best results. For a good jump in combo (ex: jumping over a fb) do: jumping fierce xx hk, standing rh. Usually if you you’ve hit them with anything before this combo, it dizzies.
I know this is way more then you ever wanted to know, I’d just figured I’d add it in since we we’re on the subject.
You better get cvs2 for xbox live Mike, I want to kick your butt sometime soon. Now if only they had ST with decent online play…



Ah, that might explain it. I was trying jumping short instead of jumping jab. I’ll have to give that a shot this weekend.

My roommate’s got a Xbox, and I picked up CVS2 and the live kit yesterday, all I need to do now is finish putting my stick together and I’m set. I tried playing last night, just to try it out though, and I had a hella bad connection. All of the games I tried were unplayable. I’m hoping it was just because the people I tried playing against were in Singapore or something, but even the games I connected to that were listed as “good” were pretty bad.

Gamertag is Masaka3620.

How quickly does New Ken recover from dragon punches, and how fast is the startup? It seems like when Ken is doing repeated dragon punches there’s very little time to attack in between them. Anyone have the frames on this? How about for other Kens, like Old Ken and HF Ken?

All I know is that O.Ken is notorious for having crazy short recovery on his jab DP.

Also, N.Ken’s Super has crazy short recovery on the ground…

Is there any place for ST frame data? I have yet to come across any…

Hey Murderapolis, is there any point to not holding down K during the QCF+K move? Cause holding it down seems more beneficial. It’d an overhead, and can link to a footsweep. Should I just go for that everytime?

And is there any difference in the button strengths for the special kicks? Any use for HCF+kick or however you do that weird spinning one (dunno the motion)