SSF2T, KI, and UMK3 Match vids up

These are long, 30 min or so videos, download em or stream em, your choice. in video section under matches.

These vids are from a friendly meeting with some guys I actually met on SRK.

playing ki on version 1.4 = extra weak =/

and wtf, im see so many highly breakable combos. linkers being used in every combo and nothing ever gets broken? and the combos being used are so obvious. cmon now. the ki stuff is extremely amateur. =(

still like the site tho =)

Those guys were not KI pros, they hadn’t played it in years…

When new people come over I try to make them feel welcome…not beat the living shit out of them at a game I am good at.

Believe me, I know KI forwards and backwards, but I am not going to open a can of whoop ass on some people that aren’t in my league…that would be like playing tackle football with a five year old.

Respect your fellow gamers damnit!

Glad you like the site, and I’m not trying to be rude, but I’m sure you understand what I am saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

NinjaGrinder is Columbian? O_o;;


Awesome matches.

Yeah, I’ve been talking to him…didn’t figure he was Columbian til he sent me the vids. :stuck_out_tongue:

jejejeje thx nether for hosting :slight_smile: c’mon guys “location: Bogota, Colombia”. and for the **th time, please it’s COLOMBIA, not columbia lol! wait til we release “normal” matches (no randper this time, those matches were from april, 2004)and you’ll see better fights :smiley:

nether: hehe ok, thats cool bro, game on! =)

sabre, I’m glad you understand :P. Maybe you should take a trip to Texas so we can beat the hell out of each other in some KI. heh.

ninjagrinder, np man, I’ll host anything you can throw at me…

Hermano no te has conectado mas nunca! ya esta listo lo de la UMK / MKT video guide! Ya lo grabe y converti y edite en video! maana te lo mando para q lol veas!

The Randper stuff is still nonsense guys, no matter where it’s posted. Get real matches up and get real recognition.

aww c’mon matt. I’m not showing those matches for getting recognition. I have plenty here in bogota :slight_smile: I just wanted to show 'em because they’re arcade torny fights, it’s good to see more stuff from other people (not just U.S stuff)and I bet no one had watched randper ones. it’s just different. about a year ago (the time the torny took place) I used to think randper kombat was perfect, but now I’ve realized that by playing normal fights one can play more seriously. stop judging everything as if I’d was claiming that they’re “hi-level” or something like that. I just wanted to show people arcade randper-torny umk3 colombian matches. what’s wrong with that???

subs for later

how are the st and mk matches?

I know these are casual, but those ST matches are really bad. :shake:

What makes them so bad?

A lot of things went unpunished, openings not taken advantage of, not much poking, throws not being teched, repeat techniques not being caught on to, both players seemed to have a bad concept of spacing, etc. I’m not trying to be a dick, just giving my opinion.

I understand what you are getting at. I can’t speak for anyone else in those vids but myself… I must say that I was not attempting to thrash anyone, just having a good ole time with some beer and fighting games.

As you could see I had more beer than skill that night lol.

the music :sad:

All true…

How can somebody say this after a tourney in wich NO ONE knew what they were doing? Except for the Lex Kung Lao combo there where no other interestig stuff on the matches! And the worst of that is that you guys call that high level? How can that be if, for example… I have NEVER seen a DECENT ermac in all of the US matches you guys have uploaded? How is possible to call top tier a character when no one uses it properly?

Is really sad that maybe NEVER we could gather all of our best players and make a WORLD UMK3 CHAMPIONSHIP…sad…

Im not going this time to flame anybody but please people…try to be more open minded! You say that the randper stuff isnt serious and you are right…to an extent.

the critic made by Infested Jester apply also to ALL UMK3 US vids…

Its really a shame that I cannot right now record some of our casuals for you people to see that NO ONE has really defined what HIGH UMK3 GAMEPLAY LEVEL really is…

But soon…the time will come…

AH! and we dont do this shit for recognition…fuck recognition! who wants to be recognited by lower level players? Lets face it for once and for all!

I didn’t watch the MK matches there, but I stand by statement that the ST was pretty bad even for casual play.

I think I saw some of your MK matches a while back though, were they the ones in the thread where it turned into a debate over wether or not the revised MKT was broken or not? In any case the matches there were good.

I don’t recall seeing you present at said tournament. You see a few matches online and come to the conclusion that “NO ONE” knew what they were doing? Please.

I can’t speak for anyone else who was there (and yes, that KL combo was the tops) but I wasn’t playing to impress you Hanzo. Next time I’ll try to pull off some crazy shit!!1 just to maintain your level of interest.