SSF2T LD remix demo!


Capcom just leaked a video of the next iteration of SSF2T! Because HD remix has so many problems and delays with art, they have commissioned a low def version for the next iteration.

This video of Ken vs Blanka is pretty damn sweet. You can see the ball is still really strong! I especially like the slowdown animation at the end of the round… really lets you get a good look at the artwork!

I can’t wait to see what they do with Chun Li! I hear she looks awesome


What??? LOL


LOL Doesn’t make sense.


And here I am thinking this is gonna be a Rick Roll…


Hmm, a Blanka ball that takes up the entire height of the screen…


lol, who uses lightning at the start of a ryu v blanka match?


That ken shouldn’t use tatsu like that against blanka, :coffee:


I want Valle to rebalance this one.


Um, when do we get a playable version? I mean, it looks great, but will the gameplay live up to the hype…?


That first set of whiff sounds… was that short or forward kicks?


I don’t have very precise spacing, so this looks like the game for me! :smile:


i can only make out the electricity at the beginning and ken throwing a fireball.


There’s a tatsu at some point.


Geif, hawk, and honda will be broken.