SSF2T MySpace group?


Well SFIII has some MySpace groups, and since I’ve been spending alot of time working on making my myspace look cool, and since I love ST and want to get started helping out/being involved with the community, I figured I’d start a ST myspace group.

Just wondering what the big guys like NKI/DSP would think, or if enough of you have myspaces for me to get it started…I won’t until I get a reply from you guys, because I actually don’t know how to start a myspace group. :confused: I’ve got to ask around…


I have a myspace





I’m not trying to shoot down your idea, I’m just curious: What advantages does MySpace have over Shoryuken? (As far as ST discussion goes.)


Jack shit!


getting fans!




so is this a ‘post your myspace’ thread? lol.

I can’t see how it would have any advantages but that wouldn’t stop me from being part of it. Just so everyone who visited my page knew I loved ST!!!