SSF2T: Old Character Differences List

i noticed that i have to be a little closer to use old Ryu’s axe kick than i have to be to do new Ryu’s. maybe old characters have to be closer to use their close-range normal than new characters? i haven’t tested…

Good stuff.

I have to strongly disagree about Old Ken and Old T.Hawk being the best versions.

Sorry to be obvious… but, why?

Ken I like in both modes… But Hawk?

I mentioned that O.Dj’s crossup is worse. It -IS- harder to land… But if you do get the timing down, it’s that crazy crossup that is hard to block. (on some characters). It can be one of those wrong-way crossups that lead to death. So in a way it is worse because it’s a lot harder to land, but is very very good because it teaches you to do that craszy crossup which nobody can block and you win… although it seems some chraacters can just block it like a normal jump-in (like i do), but even then I get too used to blocking it one way and the I get smoked when it -is- a true crossup.

In other words, O.DJ forces you to be precise, while N.DJ can be lazy and crossup during his jump whenever he wants.


new Ken has a lot of options to mixup at around his crazy kick range and in-close. He’s got the knee grab that does good damage and can setup for a jump-in tick to re-grab or something else, he can do low short x 2 kara into super for huge damage off of low short, and he’s got some weird tricks with the crazy kicks like blowing through anti-airs. That’s what I remember but I’m sure JSJ or lftrpllr can elaborate.

new Hawk…well, get good at doing 720s. Plus there is that Japanese death tick that Julien Beasley wrote about when he talked about ST during SBO, which basically means that if Hawk knocks you down once, you die.

I will post this here insteah at my thtead and hope it gets answered. When they say old Ryu is faster to new, how much so ? and the myth and about old chars are stronger to new is just a myth then I presume ?

I’d say that N. Chun is definitely better than O. Chun. O. Chun isn’t really bad, but you don’t really lose anything playing New, and you get the benefit of the super.

O. Cammy can also cross up with J. Fierce. N. Cammy can only do that vs. T.Hawk.

I’d also have to give the nod to N. Dhalsim over old. Controllable limbs + super > O. Sim.

JSJ, sent you a PM, check it.

Dogberry, I wish I fully understood the crazy kick wake up tricks with new Ken. That’s one thing I heard about YEARS ago, but the explaination has completely eluded me. Anyone have insight into the trick as seen on the ST vids?


didnt ryuROCKst say how to do most of the crazy kick things already before? shrug oh well…

Did he ever offer any help? Wasn’t he one of the punks responsible for killing the old man st thread?


Yep, one and the same. He’s been on my ignore list for months, and my ST reading has been all the more enjoyable because of it.

Hope to see you out at Evo this year Wes. Drag Jessie away from his GBA and get him out there with ya! I have new toys for Ken.

lol im pretty sure i posted how to do all that crap under ryurockst acctualy. Hrmm i dun think i posted it under this one. Guess you ignored me when ever i posted good stuff. lol

pretty much. If you know how to do that stuff or can find it somewhere post a link or copy and paste the info, it’s much appreciated. BTW, going to evo Clayton? I’ll give you a chance to win your money back=)


I’m pretty down with all of the super cancels and tricks to set it up but the wacky kick shit completely fools me. Hopefully I’ll see y’all at evo.



Basicly its all with the hcf+K special. Here are some examples…

next to the opponent crouching do hcf+k or hcf+k(hold) basicly ken will go to the other side if you hold it in he will stay on the other side longer.

cross up the opponent then when you land immeditatly do hcf+k or hcf+k(hold) now hrmm i dont remember but i know one of these or maybe even both you can acctualy just go to the other side of the person completly. Like you dont come back. You totaly cross them up. All have to put in the game to test or something. Basicly the opponent is just getting knocked the other way and since your going one way you totatly pass through them.

This also works when the opponent has fallen down so i would assume what happend is well he knocked the player down in whatever video and the dude did a reversal shoryuken but he already did the kick so he passes through him.

How you would set something up liek this is or just to test just get next to ryu/ken whoever and well say sweep qcf+lk, then right when you land hcf+k or hcf+k(hold) you will just cross them up. its not to hard really.

The above stuff doesnt work on bigger characters cuz you end up hitting them. But as for the stuff when the opponent is fallen down i dunno if it works i would assume the character laying down is to big to pass through but i would have to try.

anyway not very hard just gotta make sure you only do the hcf+k special.

anyway heres a question for you guys how the fuck do you ryus 4 hit jumping strong. :eek: i have acctualy done this before. lol Maybe its a dreamcast only thing? though i highly doubt it. I would think more of just once in every blue moon the game fucked up or something and let me juggle with 4 hits instead of 3. It did liek almost half life. lol

anyway as for evo. As for betting well… ummmm… i dun have money to be giving away. lol T_T Besides that it would probably be extra worse cuz i havnt really played ST since last year evo. =/ All still enter though and just hope for some luck or something.

I’ve done the wacky kick thru anti-air a couple times… DPs and Flash kicks… But never really understood it either.

So it -IS- the hcf kick! :slight_smile: Hrm… I wonder what other wakeups it will avoid?

I use Old Chun-Li sometimes, but the ONLY REASON is to avoid getting that fucking flip kick when I hit df+forward instead of d+forward. One of my main Chun strats is to harass with crouching forward, and when I use New I keep getting flipkick. I realize it’s a crutch, but hey… it works in HF and she doesn’t have super there. LOL.

It’s been a while, but what about jab?

I was wrong… I can also cancel close s.MP.

Top TiER!