SSF2T: Old Character Differences List

Being able to tech throws is a big, huge understated reason to pick New chars imo.

Also, N.Ken’s knee grab is way too good to lose imo. AFAIK, short short kara super doesn’t come into play that often… though you do see it from time to time.

ehonda old vs new

Well as for old honda his only moves i want back are teh moving forward hands which should have stayed. At least he shoudl have been able to use the walking hands with jab and the other two should be the new improved running hands. Also the C.fierce should be a trip not the double pump!

Old Vega

Is it just me or is Old Vega faster all the way around? I know that some old characters have a faster walking speed and recovery time on some moves, it’s hard to tell sometimes though. Vega is already the fastest character in the game so that would mean the older version could be a better offensive character (he loses the flipkick of course, which is a great defensive move). Faster Vega would mean better ticks, feints, and mixups. Well, better runaway too.

ehonda old vs new


The main reasons I pick Old Honda:

  • grabby into slappy (the only reason moving hands are any good)… in some cases this is actually better than ochio
  • standing trips of varying ranges and deceptive hitboxes (standing short only hits out to Honda’s shin, but you can play mindgames if opponent doesn’t know :wink: )
  • as E.Honda said, c.fierce is a trip which works a lot better than that double slap shit.

Old Honda for life for me, it seems.

i love ol ken!!

his jab dp is insanely good and takes off a chunk of damage. (there is a damage difference with ol and new ken’s jab uppercut) plus faster walk speed and faster fireball recovery makes a mean fireball trap game :evil:

I must say New version because Spinning Bird Kick sucks completely and her new move is a great combo finisher and anti-air counter and u can pull it off in a Senretsu Kyaku combo

You don’t need to cancel with Blanka anyway. You can combo stand strong->2 hit headbutt (works on all characters ducking or not IIRC, it’s a link) or stand strong->low rh. Against a lot of chars ending a combo with a ball attack is a bad idea because it puts you at a bad range with pretty even recovery time.

O. Blanka sucks anyway though…pick N Blanka and mix up stand strong combos with stand strong->hop and headbutt (one hit)->hop.

I know what you mean… but you gotta admit jump-in, d.MK x2, ball is a brutal combo. :slight_smile:

Yeah, and N.Chun is easily best chun IMO.