SSF2T PC soundtrack here!

Many people believe that Gametek’s soundtrack for the PC version of ST is better than the original. It’s definitely better than the crap remixes in AE.

Now you can hear them again!

These are from the Amiga CD32 version of ST, also published by Gametek. Use WinRAR to extract the files, which are in OGG format.

Interesting. PC version, you say!

.lha compression? I havent seen that since the early 90’s…

I had the game at one point (Can’t remember what happened to it though). Thanks. Can you use Winrar to extract the files?

Color me impressed, these are really great. It’s fully orchestrated and everything. Thanks for passing these on man. It almost sounds like the got Flea to do the Bass with all the slapping going on :clap: .

Edit: Before I come off sounding like a jackass for my other comment, is this midi? If so it friggin rocks.

And I had absolutely no idea there was a CD32 version. Just out of curiosity, how does it play?

Edit2: The files work in windows media player.

what the hell do you use to play the files?

They work fine fore me on winamp.

Great find, dude.

media player classic

fei long version wasnt that bad, rest were :tdown:

Tell me… Where are these crap remixes available?
No one seems to know…

Well appreciated. thx

I also had this game many years ago. Never could get the music to play during the damn game!

ken’s theme is awesome…god, these are way too short though. isnt there a way to have the first part loop a few more times?

gotta edit them urself

Would it be easy to convert these to wave and substitute them with the tracks in, say, the DC version? These are just so good.

I figured because of the nature of Amiga music though (if they were MOD files anyway) it wouldn’t be too hard to resample them with the first part repeated a few times…of course that would just make the file even bigger, and i dunno how much bandwidth he has.

Yea this is obviously midi…but a full blown orchestrated SF soundtrack would be too dope…

hsf arranged version is better then these imho

Chun Li’s music is great. That sound effect that’s in it sounds like a chorus of cats


Ken’s music is probably my favorite and I love the wakka wakka guitar on Guile’s music.

thanks for posting this, the songs on this are too damn SICK!

That’s MIDI?! What?? Really?

Damn… best midi I’ve ever heard… all the rest are shitty beeps and blips… I’m inlcined to not even believe it.