SSF2T vs HSF2A? Why?

I always wondered why ppl play SSF2T so much over HSF2Anniversary? I’ve tried both and I’d take HSF2A any day. It simply has so many styles of characters to play as that the matches are most likely going to be very different. So I was wondering what are the main reasons kaillera gamers choose to play SSF2T over HSF2A?

So just because it has different styles of characters, it is better ?


HSF2 is broken beyond believe. There are characters that simply dominate everyone else.

Well, I think its as simple as…

ST=well balanced, and by well I dont mean perfect.

CE Guile & CE Dictator are way too good. Also WW Guile if you wanna count him - he does more damage and has low short redizzies, but can’t perform reversals.

In casual matches where people aren’t playing totally gay, it’s a fun game for sure. But in a competitive environment, ST wins hands down.

ST…AE = CE Dictador tourney faggotry.

AE is dominated by CE faggotry for lack of a better word.
CE Bison, Guile, Ryu, Sagat

The only ST characters that are viable are 'Sim, Claw and Ryu from what I’ve seen.
If you thought O. Sagat was bad, CE Bison is a whole 'nother story.
He makes a classic game look very ugly, and frankly, retarded.

Kyokuji : you forgot Chun and Rog. Basically all the tops are still viable in AE (apart from sagat since CE sagat is a better version).

But yeah, AE is trash. I wonder why some people play it competitively. Thank god they brought back ST for the Tougeki.

It was just something new for a while, and people have been desperate for new fighters.
If it had come out at, say, the peak of 98 or something, nobody would’ve given it the time of day.

Hmm, I see. So balance issues really break the game in HA? I’ve just played with people for fun who don’t abuse some sort of repititous pattern so I haven’t noticed. Thankx for the info.


You have to take what you read with a grain of salt…especially on SRK when it comes to ST. The only players who don’t like AE, are ST players. Why have most of the posts been anti-AE? Well, SRK is VERY Pro-ST in terms of SF2. You wont hear SSF2 or HF players complaining about AE. Besides, you can always just go mode specific on that game (a fact that seems to have alluded 99.9% of SRK). If you play nFBA, look up my bro (under DGV). He greatly prefers to play AE over ST.

I only like ST better because in Hyper, Turbo 2 is too slow and Turbo 3 is too fast. ST’s Turbo 2 has the perfect speed.

Speaking of CE Bison, that shit shouldn’t have been stuck into Shaq Fu or some shit like that.

Here is but a small example of why AE is not as tourney worthy as ST, and IMO hurts the over all quality of the game.

Gay. Esp the Bison mirror. PSYCHO CRUSHA


lol but seriously:


horrible, just horrible. this is top level play in ae…

vintage: its not that people hate AE overall. people just dont like AE as a tournament game. no one has issues with the game really, as a casual game. atleast i dont, the game is fun. its just super retarded on a tourney level IMO

AE is fun, but the damage/balance issues are completely screwed up, so that’s why people like ST more as a tourney game.

Sonic sonic sonic sonic sonic. lol. Ok, thakx for the info.

It could be funny but I find lame to play it because it steals the time to a real 2x session which is more balanced and less annoying

Not really. I enjoy playing all the SF2 games except AE. I just find it to be lazy on Capcom’s part by mashing them all into one game. I would much rather play any of the individual SF2s instead of wasting time with AE.

For the n’th time…PLAY MODE SPECIFIC for either HF or SSF2 (for both casual and tournies). Done. Simple.

Sabre & DT I hear what you are guys are saying and I even agree to a degree. That’s why I support mode specific play on this game.

^ ^ ^ ^
I would agree that such arbitration does make AE more competitively playable, but there lies a problem within this.

Wouldn’t most people just prefer the original versions of their respective games? Wouldn’t you then rather play real HF or real SSF2?

I’m glad you brought that up. Regarding HF…well, arcade-wise, the speed seems to vary from board-to-board, let alone ultracade-to-ultracade. If one were to play the HF mode only, the speed issue is finally solved. All 3 speeds on AE aren’t arbitrary. It’s the same every time.

As for SSF2, this is easy. The option to increase the speed on AE for this respective mode (as well as others) automatically makes it better than the original (painfully slow).

AE actually gives you 2 good playable CONSOLE ports for HF & SSF2.