SSF2THR Go Big or Go Home Tournament! Saturday February 7th, 2009!

Here it is folks, the official thread for the Go Big or Go Home tournament! Here is a link to the official rules thread as well as the sign up thread. Make sure to read the rules before signing up and be sure to sign up with your gamertag or you will not be added to the list.

The Official Rules Thread

Official Sign Up Thread

I know it’s the same weekend as Sinsation here in the DC area, but hopefully we can still have a decent turnout. thanks and hope to see you all online!

im in. just gotta take the day off of work. so thatll be good though, ST tourney in the mid day, gettin my drink on at night.

I’m in the 90% certainty range on signing up… but I can’t commit quite yet. I’ll sign up formally once I know I can commit to it.

Cool man. I saw that you signed up on the boards, but didn’t post in the the thread. Just post there and I will add you to the list.

And I’m gonna be getting my drink on as well!

Once you are sure, head over to the board and sign up man. Hope you can make it.

Every time I try and sign up, I get a SQL error on that website… I’ll keep trying, but on the off chance you see this, sign me up please. XBL tag = Raakam


I’ll add you to the list. Apparently, the forums we are using are having a problem, and it’s not just us, it’s sitewide. I’d appreciate it if you would trying signing up again later today or in a few days, that way you could be in the chat for the tourney.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Someone please record the finals and post them on

We are actually going to do this. We are also asking anyone who has a capture card to capture their matches as well. But definitely look for at least the finals online soon after the tournament is complete.

I’m down for this.

im in just let me know what time

GAMERTAG is kilabeep3

Sorry to do this to you Kilabee, but you are going to have to head to the sign up thread that I posted to sign up. it’s just easier for me to keep track of names, and also the chat there will be used during the tournament to keep track of W/L and to match up opponents.

sign me up plz!
gamertag: topmato

hello i dont read at all

so is this US only?

If I’m too tired of registering to random forums I will use maybe twice in my life to register on that freeforum, can I still sign up for the tournament?

We’ve had some Canadians sign up, but no one outside of that. I haven’t specifically ruled it out, but it’s probably going to be on a case by case basis as far as oversees peeps go.

I’m sorry, but we are using the chat in the forum the day of the tourney to schedule things. You can’t use the chat without signing up. Sorry about that. It’s just easier to run a one day tourney with constant contact then posting over and over on a message board.

im down for the tourney, GT is XlegionariousX

y only xbox??? hu? dissapointing!

im in

Oh. I need to go register. :lol:

Gonna have to play it pad since I’m not skilled on the stick yet.