SSF2THR Go Big or Go Home Tournament! Saturday February 7th, 2009!

Here it is folks, the official thread for the Go Big or Go Home tournament! Here is a link to the official rules thread as well as the sign up thread. Make sure to read the rules before signing up and be sure to sign up with your gamertag or you will not be added to the list.

The Official Rules Thread

Official Sign Up Thread

I know it’s the same weekend as Sinsation here in the DC area, but hopefully we can still have a decent turnout. thanks and hope to see you all online!

Sounds like it could be fun but Im so lazy to signup for their forums.

That’s unfortunate man. It’s free money though! :cool:

Number One: Why didn’t you tell me you were back on XBL? I haven’t seen you in like 5 years! I just figured your FR was a random one for SSF2THR.

Number Two: Why didn’t you tell me you moved to my area? Last I heard you were out in the desert. How’s the family?

Number Three: Oh yeah, I guess sign me up for this tournament type thing too.

Yea, I got back on Live not all that long ago. It definitely has been a while since we played, lol.

I just recently moved here, living in Silver Spring, working in DC. Desert was HOT, lol. Families doing well. Where you at in MD anyway?

I’ll add you, but you need to sign up for the site I posted before the day of the tourney, because we are using the chat there to run the thing.

We need to get some games in, lol. You going to Sinsation?

A little north of you in G-burg. Maybe this ice storm we’re having will help erase your memories of Tatooine. I may be going to SS, money’s tight right now but it’s still in the air.

I’ll sign up at the site so the entry’s all official-like.

I’m hoping the ice keeps me from work tomorrow at least, lol.

Hope to see you at SS. If not, maybe we could have a get together at my house. Few beers, SF4 and HDRemix.

I’d join if there was a way to keep everyone honest. Don’t the successful online hdr tournaments usually have 3 people with one being a witness?

I’ve ran a few HDR tournies, and I haven’t had a problem with people not being honest. Worst case scenario, if there is a dispute, it will be handled accordingly. But honestly, I haven’t had that problem.

Sign ups close today at 10 PM EST. If you want a shot at the money tomorrow, now’s the time to sign up!

Good luck to all who have entered!

Sign up is now closed and bracket is up! Everyone who signed up, head here:

To read over the rules and check the bracket. Make sure you report at the correct time, or you will be DQed.

Good luck all!

Ill be there raven but my name is still inferno625 in the bracket. I dont want any confusion when I show up as Weak Sauc3 SRK

edit: hahah single elim fuck, gotta bring my A game

I edited it. :slight_smile: See you there man!

The Go Big or Go Home Tournament was a big success last night. We has 72 entrants in the tourney. Quite a big turnout for our first tournament. I’d like to thank everyone who participated. We had few hiccups last night, but overall it ran pretty smoothly.

So without further ado, here’s the winners!

First Place - iDEAL GAMiNG | immortalbmw

Second Place - Real Decoy

Third Place - Mongolorobokop

Congrats to all the winners! If you are interested in seeing how it all went down, here is a link to the bracket.