Ssf2x, Gouki vs cpu

Hi, I have tried to finish ssf2xj, 1 credit finish with gouki.

But even if i don’t lose a round (but i get a couple of timeover wins), I still get Bison as final boss.

Is the score another crucial point for getting gouki?

No you need 14 perfects, and you have to blow T-Hawk.

I don’t think you need to score some perfects. But I don’t know what are the exact requirements to fight gouki… however I can tell you that I already fought him several times when I lost a few rounds (but I didn’t use any continues).

Something to do with super finishes I think.

Since we’re on the subject of Gouki, does anyone know excatly how to pick Tien Gouki the correct way in the DC version? All the sites I’ve been to says this:

Play as Tien Gouki:
On Dip Switch menu, enable (set to ‘‘1’’) dip switches ‘‘27’’ and ‘‘28’’. Switch ‘‘27’’ is the switch in the 3rd row, 8th column. Switch ‘‘28’’ is the switch in the 3rd, row, 9th column. At the character selection screen, hold Start and press Medium Punch

But nothing ever happens whenever I do this code. :confused:

on DC? it’s just start + PPP, or it just might be PPP. you don’t need to do any of that rotating around the character select screen. If I do need to do the rotating around I do it to the pace of the music pretty consistently.

have you tried
?? just curious.

Fight Gouki
To fight Gouki, whilst playing in the one player mode you must get at least 3 perfects and not use any continues. When you get to Vega, Gouki will appear to challenge you. Gouki has all of Ryu’s moves plus an air fireball and a teleport and is very hard to beat. If you manage to beat him you will get a slightly different ending.

for tien akuma? not just regular akuma?

Doesn’t help

That’s actually where I got the code from lol. But it’s all the same everywhere on the net.

I already got the Dip Swtich Menu enabled and all, I just need to know how do you pick the 3rd version of Gouki(Tien Gouki). The code to play as Gouki and Shin Gouki works though.

I remember seeing on some Japanese board that the total number of seconds it takes for you to complete the game up till Bison determines it. I don’t remember the amount of time, but in AE it’s directly related to how many rounds you have set for a match.

^ I’ll be damned. Rock on, newbieGary, with yo bad self! I’m gonna kill time from now on to avoid that SOB. (ST akuma whether CPU or human makes me vomit blood)

Damn, so much incorrect info up in this batch.

To fight against Akuma in the arcade version:

You must either:

  1. Get to the last stage in less than 1500 seconds
  2. Have a score of 1,200,000 or above.
  3. Beat 12 human opponents in a row, then during your win quote on the 12th victory, hold any attack button for longer than 2 seconds.

Methods 1 and 2 must be done without continuing.

As for Ten Akuma (not “Tien” Akuma…that was a mistranslation)…
Activate DIP switches 27, 28, and 31, then at the character select screen (with the cursor on any character), press Start immediately followed by Strong+Forward+Fierce+RH. Pressing Start immediately followed by Jab+Strong+Fierce will give you Shin Akuma (the CPU’s version…the one with double air fireball, but no Raging Demon).
For reference:


Wooo! Thanks alot NKI!

I didn’t know about all other those Manual Settings in there… too good! :tup: :karate: